"You know what, Ted?"

"What, Frank?"

"There's been a whole bunch of them sequels lately - we got that Hulk and another Narnia, heck, even another Indiana Jones movie..."


"...and you know what I've been waiting for another one of?"

"What's that, Frank?"

"A Cinderella Story."


"That Hilary Duff flick, A Cinderella Story. Oh, it was so freakin' adorable, but it just seemed so... incomplete."

"The hell you on about, dude?"

"And I wouldn't just want another one with Duff, man. In fact, forget her, take her out entirely... and put dancing IN. Now we've got something..."


"...'cause that's what ALL the kids are doing these days. Anyway, so I've been keeping an eye on DVD Active for any news of it. In fact, since it's been about an hour or so, I should probably check and see if they've heard anything. Can I use your computer real quick?"

"No way, man!"

"Fine, I'll just head back to my place and check. Meet you at Monty's later?"

"Maybe, dude, I guess."

"Alright, see ya."

(Frank leaves)

"Jeez, what the...

I mean, if he had been talking about Chasing Liberty, that would've been a different story."

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