It was just last year that Christopher brought us the news that Roman Polanski had selected Richard Harris' novel, The Ghost, as his next big film project. So even though it took some time to get name actors to sign on the dotted line, the wait is over now that MTV reports that Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage will star in the political drama.

Ghost is the story of a writer hired to complete an autobiography of a soon-to-be ex-Prime Minister (with Brosnan playing the PM, and Cage as the writer). Through the course of the interviews, the ghostwriter uncovers some troubling secrets from the Minister's past that put our writer friend in some high-stakes danger. Rumor has it the original idea for the book was loosely based on former PM Tony Blair, but I would assume that any similarities were kept well in the realm of fiction. The film was pitched as a suspense thriller, but if you've read the book, then you already know that most of the action takes place in an oceanfront home -- hardly an 'edge of your seat' location. Meaning that most of the thrills will probably be in the form of flashbacks. Polanski told Variety in November that he had been on the hunt for a political thriller for some time, and The Ghost was the perfect fit -- which unfortunately leaves his big-budget Pompeii flick in the dust.

The Ghost is scheduled to begin filming this fall, and should arrive in theaters in 2009.
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