From parents to friends to struggling lovers, here's the latest casting news, courtesy of Variety:

First up is one of the Desperate Housewives -- Marcia Cross. While her other co-stars have been dipping their toes into the cinematic waters, Cross has only spent her time on the boob tube, until now; she's starring in a new indie comedy called Peck. In yet another Hollywood science fair story, there's a kid named Peck (Keir Gilchrist) whose parents (Cross and Adam Arkin) force him to compete in a science fair (according to IMDb). There also seems to be some romance to the story, as Variety says that the kid "develops an unlikely friendship with the school's golden girl."


Lily Rabe, on the other hand, has gotten the chance to dig into Ryan Gosling's secrets -- or at least, she gets an ear full of his character's. She has joined the cast of All Good Things, and will play his "lifelong best friend who knows all of his secrets." If you remember, this is the story of star-crossed lovers (Gosling and Kirsten Dunst), and how Dunst goes missing one day. Considering the fact that a detective (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) then uncovers unsavory details about the young man, I bet Rabe's secrets aren't the kind she necessarily wanted to hear.

Lastly, there's the man who just played Dylan Thomas -- Matthew Rhys. He has signed on to star in a new feature called Patagonia. Coming from Snow Cake director Marc Evans, the film follows a Welsh couple who decide to go to Argentina to "reassess their relationship."

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