Sex and Death 101
Finally! I've been waiting eons for Sex and Death 101 to hit the shelves -- ever since there was news that writer Daniel Waters was not only taking another stab at directing, but that he would be reteaming with Winona Ryder. Sure, it wouldn't have her digging into her blue clothes for more Veronica Sawyer, but I take what I can get.

Simon Baker stars as an executive and ladies man whose world is thrown into upheaval by the appearance of an e-mail -- one that includes the names of all the women he's had sex with, plus all the women he will canoodle in the future. Ryder, meanwhile, is "Death Nell," a femme fatale who targets men guilty of sex crimes. Other faces that pop up include Leslie Bibb, Julie Bowen, Sophie Monk, Mindy Cohn (yes, that Cohn), Dash Mihok, Patton Oswalt, and Neil Flynn.

The release includes a commentary with Waters, plus a featurette called "101 Perversions."

Seeing that this is the 20th anniversary for Heathers as well, Anchor Bay is also releasing the 20th High School Reunion Edition today.

Check out Scott's review | Buy the DVD span style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">My Blueberry Nights
And, in another case of "finally," we've got My Blueberry Nights. It was a long road for this film to get to fans, but it's finally here -- Wong Kar Wai's English language debut.

The film stars Norah Jones as a woman named Elizabeth. After a bad breakup, she sets out on a journey across the US to mend her broken heart, and comes across the likes of Jude Law, David Strathairn, Rachel Weisz, and Natalie Portman. A sucker for great visuals, I've been itching for this movie ever since James said, from Cannes: "At this morning's press screening, you could hear cineastes sigh in rapture from the opening titles – blue-glazed visions of pie and cream, indigo skies with neon-glow cityscapes leaning lazily against them."

The DVD release, titled "The Miriam Collection," offers a small handful of features. There's a Making-Of, a Q&A with Kar Wai, and a still gallery.

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