They say truth is stranger than fiction. To that I say "you obviously haven't seen Naked Lunch," but reality is certainly a fertile ground for film makers and today we've got five trailers for films based, to varying degrees, on real events.

The Perfect Game

I've never enjoyed watching sports so baseball movies usually leave me cold, but this one has a couple of things going for it: a true tale of a bunch of kids rising up from poverty to become world champions, and former drug culture icon Cheech Marin playing a priest. Based on true events, a former coach for the St. Louis Cardinals (Clifton Collins Jr.) takes a group of poor Mexican kids under his wing and teaches them the fine art of baseball, which ultimately leads them to the 1957 Little League World Series. There are the usual sports metaphors: "Love ain't like baseball," says Collins' character. "Yes it is," replies one of his bright eyed proteges. I'm teetering between cute and cringe-inducing on that one, but this kind of rags to riches story is pretty appealing and the period setting is pretty cool. The Perfect Game hits theaters on August 8.

a href="">Second Skin
The stereotype of gaming nerds was around long before every home had a computer, but the Internet and the dawn of the Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game has taken the phenomenon to a whole new level. Second Skin is a documentary that examines the lives of a group of hardcore World of Warcraft players. We meet a couple who have fallen in love in the virtual world as well as a former gamer whose life was nearly destroyed by gaming and others whose lives revolve around the game. This one looks fascinating and it releases on March 8 to U.S. theaters. Here's Peter Martin's review of the film.

Bottle Shock
Alan Rickman is one of those actors for whom I would pay to see him recite the periodic table of elements. He's just fascinating to watch. Set during the rise of the California wine industry in 1976, Rickman plays a British wine expert who comes to California seeking something new. Bill Pullman plays a man who has invested everything in his vineyard and he's desperate to convince the world that his wine can compete with the French. Definitely reminds me of Sideways but hopefully will prove to have a flavor all its own. Here's the trailer:

Death Defying Acts
Guy Pearce stars in this docudrama about Harry Houdini and his quest for proof of an afterlife. His offer of a $10,000 reward for proof of life after death brings out countless con men and charlatans, but one particular alleged psychic played by Catherine Zeta-Jones captures his imagination and his heart. Set in 1926 this is a lush looking period piece with a great cast (Ms. Zeta-Jones is truly a goddess). Here's Scott Weinberg's review of the film.

Repo The Genetic Opera
This one's real all right, real bizarre. I still can't decide if this will be brilliant or awful, but I think it will be impossible to ignore. I mentioned the teaser trailer in a previous Trailer Park, but now we've got a full length trailer with all the insanity one could possibly hope for. In the distant future organ failure has reached epidemic proportions and a sinister corporation is offering transplants to anyone who can afford them. Miss a payment, though, and your spleen, heart, kidney or whatever gets repossessed with extreme prejudice. And here's the kicker: it's a rock opera! Yes, that's Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy the Vampire Slayer going around and pulling out people's organs with a scalpel in his hand and a song in his heart. The art direction is eye-popping (which really fits well with the whole organ thing). One way or the other, I have to see this one.

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