In a battle between East Coast gangsters and West Coast cowboys, a New York-based company has sided with the Mob. Erik has just posted about HBO's desire to make a movie based on The Sopranos, despite the reluctance of creator David Chase. However, HBO has shot down even the possibility of making any movies based on Deadwood, despite the past enthusiasm expressed by creator David Milch.

This might sound like old news. After all, Cinematicalfirst broke the story last September that HBO had scrapped their plans to make two movies to wrap up the storylines explored in the show's three seasons. Fans -- and the actors themselves -- were not happy about the decision. HBO danced around it, with a publicist saying there were "no current plans." (Italics added.) In an effort to hammer the final nail in the coffin, Richard Pepler, co-president of HBO, now says "the likelihood of a Deadwood movie happening is slim to none," according to Zap2it. Michael Lombardo of HBO claims that talks never got past the "discussion stage." Milch, however, said in January 2007: "We have every intention of going forward."

The "slim to none" HBO statement may not be a big surprise, considering the two years that have passed since the unceremonious end of the show's third season, its setting in the Old West, and Deadwood's (relatively) low profile in modern pop culture, at least as compared to The Sopranos or Sex and the City.

But *@&# that logic! Deadwood was a great show with fascinating, multi-layered characters and stories, featuring a wealth of excellent performances. People talked like we'd never heard characters in Westerns talk before -- not just the blistering obscenities, but cadences and expressions that were true to the period. The setting may have been the Old West, but the show was as modern as tomorrow.

I loved the series so goshdarn much, I know I have blinders on. So, dear readers, tell me if I'm crazy to want a Deadwood movie -- or two. If, though, you agree with me, then tell HBO why there should be one. If they don't want to make it, should they sell the rights to someone else?

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