French thriller Tell No One and American dope comedy The Wackness traded places at the top of the specialty chart in their second week of release, outearning all new indie releases at the US box office this weekend. According to estimates compiled by Box Office Mojo, Tell No One made $13,388 per screen as it expanded from eight to 18 theaters, while The Wackness took in $7,258 per screen in its slightly wider expansion from six to 31 theaters.

Tell No One expanded into Chicago, Northern California (Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose), Philadelphia, and Seattle. Music Box Films brings it next to Baltimore/Washington DC area, Denver, Detroit, San Diego, St. Louis, and a flock of theaters in greater New York this Friday. It has further expansions laid out for the following three weeks.

The Wackness moved beyond New York and Los Angeles into San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, San Diego, Chicago, and Seattle. Sony Pictures Classics will expand the run into four more markets this coming Friday, and then open much wider into 34 more markets on July 25.

Debuting releases August ($6,500 at one theater), Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired ($5,500 at one theater), and Harold ($3,433 per screen at three theaters) rounded out the Top 5. How did everybody else do?

p>New releases are in bold; you can read more about them in Eric D. Snider's latest Indie Spotlight.

The Last Mistress ($3,182 per screen; 23 theaters; 3rd week of release).

Brick Lane ($2,857 per screen; 42 theaters; 4th week).

Encounters at the End of the World ($2,652 per screen; 32 theaters; 5th week).

Mongol ($2,055 per screen; 252 theaters; 6th week).

Death Defying Acts ($1,700 per screen; 2 theaters; 1st week).

Roman de Gare ($1,700 per screen; 31 theaters; 12th week).

The Visitor ($1,616 per screen; 167 theaters; 14th week).

War, Inc. ($1,590 per screen; 20 theaters; 8th week).

Garden Party ($1,578 per screen; 7 theaters; 1st week).

When Did You Last See Your Father? ($1,544 per screen; 49 theaters; 6th week).

Priceless ($1,348 per screen; 31 theaters; 16th week).

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl ($1,274 per screen; 1,849 theaters; 4th week)

Then She Found Me ($1,203 per screen; 52 theaters; 12th week).

The Children of Huang Shi ($1,036 per screen; 44 theaters; 8th week).