The Bank Job
It sounds like your run of the mill caper movie. It stars Jason Statham, which means that it could go either way. Yet this flick fell safely on the positive scale -- nabbing itself a 78% fresh rating. Our Jeffrey M. Anderson said of the film: "The Bank Job doesn't add anything new to the genre, but it delivers everything we loved about it in the first place."

Statham plays a hustler in debt named Terry who is trying to even the playing field and go on with life in 1971. One day, an old friend and model (Saffron Burrows) pops by with a tasty, albeit illegal, proposition -- there's a bank that is getting its alarms changed, leaving it open for a nice case of robbery. However, instead of taking the monetary goods, they'll hit the safe deposit boxes. Terry does it, but ends up coming across a lot of dirty secrets that reach from the mob to the British government. Oh yes, and it's a true-ish story.

On the 2-disc DVD, you can sift through a commentary with director Roger Donaldson, Saffron Burrows, and composer J. Peter Robinson, plus deleted/extended scenes, and a few featurettes -- "Inside The Bank Job" and "The Baker Street Bank Raid." The first tackles details about the film, while the other tackles the real crime for those curiosu about historical particulars.

Check out Jeffrey's Review | Buy the DVD span style="font-style: italic;">Meet Bill
Have you ever watched a movie that slipped by unnoticed and landed on DVD, and you could see why, but still saw charm in it? That's me and Meet Bill. I watched the film at TIFF, and was greeted with a very flawed comedy, but one that held enough charm that I actually enjoyed it -- mainly because it's hard not to like Aaron Eckhart. Since this is a slow DVD week, I'm going to give it a little love.

The film -- which showcases the likes of Eckhart, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, Logan Lerman, Holmes Osborne, Todd Louiso, Timothy Olyphant, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis -- focuses on a man who is sick of his wife and life as a professional puppet for his father in law. After he gets suckered into mentoring a teen, and finds out that his wife is cheating on him with the local anchorman, Bill starts to go after what he wants with the help of the kid and a local sales girl. Imagine American Beauty with less of a story and more camaraderie and doughnuts, or Roger Dodger the other way around.

The DVD is pretty sparse, only offering deleted scenes and previews.

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DVD Rant:Secretary has gotten a new release. What's with the atrocious photoshopping? Why must they always do this with older movies that get re-released?

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