Calling all comic nerds, sci-fi geeks, movie nuts, and other assorted maniacs: Three of Cinematical's most genre-friendly correspondents will be on the scene at San Diego Comic-Con '08, and they'll be working to bring you some great coverage with that oh-so-snappy Cinematical spice. Thanks for reading.

SDCC '08 Review: Pineapple Express
SDCC '08 Review: The Midnight Meat Train
SDCC '08 Review: Fanboys
SDCC Bites: Robocop Remake, Saw V Trailer, Wolverine Footage and More!
SDCC Update: Cinematical Has Seen Fanboys!
SDCC Exclusive: Bitch Slap Poster and Photos
Comic Con 2008: Full Schedule Announced

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SDCC '08: Hottest of Comic Con Gallery
SDCC '08: Being Lara Croft
SDCC '08: The All-Star 'Celebrities Tolerate Weinberg' Gallery!
SDCC Bites: Parties, Pixar and Everything In Between
SDCC: James Gunn to Invade Xbox, Reality TV, and Ben Stiller
Live from SDCC: Watchmen Invades Comic Con!
Live from SDCC: Con Costumes, Day 1
Live from SDCC: Preview Night Gallery!
SDCC Update: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Poster!
Live from SDCC: Time to Get Our Con On!
Scott's Most Geekily Anticipated

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SDCC Panel: Terminator: Salvation
SDCC: Entertainment Weekly's 'Visionaries' Panel = Pure Gold
SDCC: Wolverine vs. The Hulk
SDCC Panel: Elisabeth Watches The Watchmen
SDCC Panel: The Spirit
SDCC Panel: Dark Castle Presents RockNRolla
SDCC Panel: Disney's 'Escape to Witch Mountain' and 'Tron 2'
Fox Presents 'Max Payne' and 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
SDCC Panel: Robert Rodriguez Presents 'Red Sonja'

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