How fast time flies! A week ago today, we were all hitting the convention floor, and having to battle for seats to the Masters of Web panel. I can't believe it's all over -- and I can't believe I haven't recovered. The bright-eyed Lara Croft you saw only days ago is barely recognizable in the physical wreck that I am now. Despite the toll it takes every year, I'm always sorry when it ends. I miss San Diego, the ocean, the fabulous tacos at the Tin Fish, and the surprises around every corner. But most of all, I miss meeting up with my friends after a long day of panels, enjoying my well-earned dinner, and showing off my swag. While I'm happy to be home in my own bed, and snuggling with my pug, I can't help but miss the thrills of con. So, it's my turn to recap my favorite moments of the con, and hope that those of you who were there have recovered enough to share yours, too.

-- The Watchmen panel. Maybe the Q&A wasn't all that great (no fault of those onstage), but the footage was just so cool. There is a lot of film footage trotted out at SDCC, and while much of it is cool, very little is jaw-dropping. 300 was probably the last time I was truly impressed with what I saw in Hall H, Watchmen may have topped it. (It's even convinced my mom to read the graphic novel! Let's all cheer!)

-- The Owl Ship. The floor displays this year were pretty tame, but this would take the cake in any given year. Whenever I doubt that anyone at SDCC has read a comic book, something like the Owl Ship lands and sends everyone into a nerdy tizzy. At any given time, you could find a crowd exclaiming over it, not because it was from a movie, but because it was from a comic book. Amazing.

-- Seeing so many nice looking men in one place. If I'd had my wits about me, I would have done a "Hotties of ComicCon" post for the ladies because there were some choice ones this year. Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Nathan Fillion, Jeremy Piven, Ray Stevenson, the Sexy Jesuses, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Keanu Reeves, Zack Snyder ... the list goes on and on. It's good to be a girl geek!

-- The Game footage at Masters of Web. I couldn't figure out a way to spin a whole post out of it, but our first glimpse of it was pretty cool. It looks like one of those insane movies of the 1980s that I like to watch at 3am.

-- Seeing Bill Nighy walk past me at Wrath of Con, and realizing he too was unable to get into the party.

-- Hulk vs Wolverine. It not only referenced Weapon X, possibly my favorite Wolverine story ever, but Hulk actually shouted "Ugly girl scratch Hulk!" at Lady Deathstrike. Finally, someone calls that freaky chick out.

-- My RocknRolla adventure. Even if it did prove me to be the biggest fool without a working piece of technology.

-- Seeing Nathan Fillion in person. Every year that I've attended, I have heard "Oh wow, guess who was just here doing a signing? Nathan Fillion!" I was beginning to doubt he actually existed, even if Scott Weinberg had met him. This year, I finally confirmed that he does, and really does just mosey on in to sign some posters. Maybe this means I'll actually meet Captain Mal next year.

-- Every moment I spent as the Tomb Raider. I can't deny it. It was too much fun!

-- And finally, the crowd as a whole. The people attending ComicCon can make or break the experience for you.

Last year, the attendees I encountered were clueless and out for blood. They pushed, they shoved, they glared, and they picked fights during the Blade Runner panel. They hadn't even heard of Pirates of the Caribbean, let alone a comic book. This year, everyone was lovely. They were hard core fans who knew there stuff. Every panel I attended, I had friendly people to chat with, the sort of people who willingly hold a place in line if you need a Starbucks. I had people apologize for bumping into me. I think my faith in humanity might actually be restored a little.

And now for the regrets:

-- Missing Hugh Jackman and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer. If you know me, you know I may have actually killed to see this footage. Thank goodness for bootlegs and YouTube.

-- Losing my Desert Eagles. I'm still confused as to how this happened, and how the cab driver could be so thoughtless as to keep them. Did he honestly not remember which of his passengers was carrying two semi-automatics? Forget what I said just now about faith in humanity.

-- Not coming home with any comic books. It wasn't for lack of trying, but I couldn't get near a single booth due to the crowd. I hope this means the hardworking vendors did better this year, and it's a sign of attendees remembering what's at the heart of ComicCon. But I still feel like a total loser for not even coming home with one collection.

-- Not attending a single comic book panel. I always plan on it, and then I get trapped somewhere and miss everything I want to see.

-- Missing Dr. Horrible's Sing a Long Blog. Revoke my geek cred now. I don't even remember where I was during this joyous event, but I bet it wasn't worth missing this for.

Thanks for a great year, San Diego. And may 2009 be even better!