A bunch of new photos from the highly anticipated The Road have premiered over at USA Today. (Check out two more photos in the gallery below, then head on over to USA Today's photo gallery for the rest) They are bone-chillingly bleak and powerful, enough to send a shiver down your spine even in the middle of summer. All of the scenery is real, and the film is employing no CGI to create its post-apocalyptic landscapes.

I don't want to engage in eager hyperbole, but I can't get over the desperate look in Viggo Mortensen's eyes in the second photo. If his performance lives up to the early images (and I can't believe that it won't), I wouldn't be surprised if he garnered another Oscar nomination. We still have such a long wait (it's released November 14th) that I hope we see a trailer soon. In the meantime, I still need to read the book ...

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