A few weeks back we learned that flicks such as Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, Let the Right One In, The Tingler and Eagle Eye would be playing at the fourth annual Fantastic Fest in Austin -- and now we have batch number two! (And if you're wondering why I give a little genre fest so much blog-love, all I'll say is "I guess you had to be there." But that phrase could easily translate into the present-tense "I guess you have to go there," if you catch my meaning.)

If you attend this year's event, you'll not only get to mock me -- to my face! -- at the infamous Fantastic Feud, but you'll also be able to catch movies like Acolytes, Wicked Lake, JCVD, Surveillance, Deadgirl, Santos, and Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds! Plus one of this year's themes is a very fun one: That of indie Australian cinema, especially stuff from the '70s and '80s. Of particular note in this department is the new doco Not Quite Hollywood, which looks to be sixteen flavors of Aussie insanity. Full press release on the newly-added features is available after the jump, but for a lot more information (including all the short films!), check out the Fantastic Fest website.

We are proud to announce the second wave of our feature film programming for the 2008 edition of Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. For the past 9 months, we have been scouring the globe for the strangest, the most heart-pounding and the most challenging new genre films. With over 100 films representing over 30 countries, Fantastic Fest is the largest festival of its kind in the United States. We are proud to announce our second announcement of 15 confirmed feature films as well as our first announcement of official short film selections and details on special "fantastic-fest-themed" Alamo signature events.

Round 2: Fantastic Features:


World Premiere / dir. Nicolás López / Chile / 2008 / 100 min.

Three years after his SXSW debut feature PROMEDIO ROJO, Chilean prodigy director Nicolás López returns with SANTOS, a wild, sweeping tale of comic book nerds versus superheroes in a battle for the future of mankind. Think Ultraman with a Latin American brain transplant. From the producers of SIN CITY and THE ORPHANAGE, visual effects by Troublemaker Studios. Director Nicolás López will be live in person to present the film and conduct a Q&A.


World Premiere / dir. Edward Sanchez / USA / 2008 / 90 min

While honeymooning in rural China during the "Hungry Ghost" Festival, newlyweds Melissa (Amy Smart) and Yul (Tim Chiou) find themselves stranded at night in the middle of a superstitious ritual that may be more real than folk legend. From the director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Director Edward Sanchez and Producers Gregg Hale, Matt Compton and Robin Cowie will be live in person to present the film and conduct a Q&A.


US Premiere / dir. Jon Hewitt / Australia / 2008 / 91 min.

Three teens blackmail a killer into taking down the violent bully who has been making their lives hell. An explosive first feature from Australian Jon Hewitt who will be in attendance to present the film.


US Premiere / dir. Prachya Pinkaew / Thailand / 2008 / 110 min.

The director of ONG BAK returns with his new protégé, who was in training for five years for this role. Ammara Siripong portrays an autistic girl who learns martial arts from watching Tony Jaa and Bruce Lee films so as to exact revenge on those who bankrupted her mother.


US Premiere / dir. Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento / USA / 2008 / 99 min.

Exploring an abandoned sanatorium while ditching school, two high school burnouts discover a girl strapped to a gurney in a secluded chamber. Debut directors Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento craft a new breed of teen angst drama set against a backdrop of humor black enough to make John Hughes retreat to a fetal state. Both directors will be in attendance to present the film.

Fear(s) of the Dark

Austin Premiere / dir. Various / France / 2007 / 85 min.

An animated anthology of films by six of the world's hottest graphic artists and cartoonists. All films are rendered in black and white, and all are based on their creators' own nightmares and fears.

Feast 2

World Premiere / dir. John Gulager / USA / 2008 / 90 min.

John Gulager returns to the Alamo to premiere the second installment in his FEAST franchise. The original crowd-pleasing splatterfest FEAST world-premiered at Fantastic Fest in our first year.


US Premiere / dir. Mabrouk El Mechri / France / 2008 / 96 min.

Jean-Claude Van Damme portrays an aging action star whose career in Hollywood is all but washed up. Returning to his homeland in Brussels, he lands in the middle of a bank heist and may have to actually save the day.

La Crème (THE Creme)

Regional Premiere / dir. Reynald Bertrand / France / 2007 / 83 min.

Under the Christmas tree, unemployed loser François Margin mysteriously finds a jar of face cream that once applied, temporarily turns him into the most famous celebrity in France.

Not Quite Hollywood

US Premiere / dir. Mark Hartley / Australia / 2008 / 102 min.

Probably the biggest concentration of explosions, nudity and blood at Fantastic Fest this year. A documentary that traces the secret and not so secret history of Ozploitation, Australian exploitation cinema.

Rule of Three

US Premiere / dir. Eric Shapiro / USA / 2007 / 85 min.

Set in one night in a seedy hotel, cult Novelist Eric Shapiro's debut feature intertwines two stories of sexual encounters gone horribly awry.


North American Premiere / dir. Jennifer Lynch / USA / 2008 / 98 min.

Jennifer Lynch (BOXING HELENA) helms a crime thriller with overtones of RASHOMON. None of the eyewitness accounts in a roadside serial killer massacre seem to match up. The FBI is called in to cut through the confusion before the killer can strike again.


Regional Premiere / dir. Joon-ho Bong, Leos Carax, Michel Gondry / 2008 / 90 min.

An anthology of three 30-minute short films, all reflections on Tokyo by three non-Japanese directors. Michel Gondry's Interior Design, Bong Joon-Ho's Shaking Tokyo and Leos Carax's Merde.

Wicked lake

Regional Premiere / dir. Zack Passero / USA / 2008 / 95 min.

Four buxom ladies head out to the country for some good old-fashioned naked lesbian Wiccan frolicking. The locals who bust in on their retreat quickly regret their imposition when the witching hour arrives.

Zombie Girl

World Premiere / dir. Aaron Marshall, Justin Johnson, Erik Mauck / USA / 2008 / 91 min.

A documentary covering the two years that it took 12-year-old Austinite Emily Hagins to write and direct the feature-length zombie movie PATHOGEN.

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