As someone initially unimpressed with the teaser trailer for next weekend's horror offering, Mirrors, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the unpleasantries on display in the film's restricted trailer, among them the sight of Amy Smart ripping her own jaw off (what can I say, I'm a man of simple taste).

However, I then wondered if that particular moment wasn't the best that the film had to offer. Sure, you don't want to spoil too much before a film opens, but it's a scene that has become the focus of most TV spots and -- in hindsight -- the poster, and as a plot development, I'm almost certain that it'll happen before the film hits its hour mark (a matter that no one will be able to confirm until late Thursday evening, which is its own little omen). But it fell on me to watch that part and find my interest piqued.

The same could be said for The Strangers earlier this summer: if the masked man stepping into the kitchen behind an oblivious Liv Tyler weren't in the trailer (and, again, on the poster), I wouldn't have been half as sold, but on the other hand, the impact of that moment in context was inevitably diluted. I only wanted to see The Kingdom more after discovering that it'd get a bit grittier than a mere procedural, but at the cost of knowing which character acted as catalyst for the climax. Thankfully, I'd seen The Descent before being subjected to an American campaign that flaunted the prospect of creepy crawlers in the caves, which I don't doubt contributed to that film's relative Stateside success.

And now I ask of you: what was the single best money shot -- the most frightening scare, the most hilarious joke, the most impressive stunt -- that hooked you into watching something and then turned out to be the highlight of the whole deal?

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