To paraphrase the scariest horror movie currently in theaters -- Mamma Mia! -- you wait long enough for a red-band trailer and then three come along at once, at least two of which deal with hitting the road in the name of action, so without further ado...

First up is the age-restricted trailer for this week's Death Race. I've yet to watch this one myself, since reactions posted elsewhere have assured me that whatever meager hopes I have for it being just a fun piece of trash cinema -- from a filmmaker who often lives down to that title -- are to be derived from moments shamelessly showcased therein. I'm no prude, having shelf space and soft spots set aside for the man's Event Horizon and the first Resident Evil, for the reliably butt-kicking Jason Statham and for the surprisingly present Joan Allen (him signing up for it, no big surprise, but her?). However, I'm roughly one trailer away (well, one feature away) from giving it the genuine benefit of the doubt.

Erik wrote about the original trailer back in June, and now one only has to wait until this Friday to determine just how fast and spurious this baby is.

After August comes September, and after Death Race comes Righteous Kill. The profanity-spiked red-band trailer for this NYPD thriller has been included after the jump...

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Being touted primarily as the first reunion of acting heavyweights Al Pacino and Robert De Niro since 1995's awesome Heat, the publicity campaign to date isn't shy about the star power, but seems to forget that those two men, while key to that film's success, weren't all it had going for it. Let's face facts: Jon "88 Minutes" Avnet is not -- and never will be -- Michael Mann (nor Martin Scorsese, for that matter, given the stressed 'which-side-of-the-gun' remarks and Rolling Stones music).

We'll see just how right I am about Righteous on September 12th.

And we roll right into October with teen-romp-in-the-making Sex Drive and the new red-band trailer that popped up on IGN. I previously expressed my fair disinterest judging from the original trailer alone, and after giving this new footage a look, I must say: is this really going to change anyone's mind (let alone my own)? If you're already sold on the getting-laid angle and some slapstick, or put off by the very same, is some colorful language going to sway you in one direction or the other?

Hell, the difference between this film's trailers and Righteous Kill's are comparable in their unbridled ineffectiveness. As was the case with Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, and Mirrors, you've got to offer the audience something uniquely appealing in terms of the rating, and for the two of these three that I've watched, maybe red-band trailers are best left for movies with something to show instead of something to sell.

Sex Drive opens regardless on October 10th 3rd. And what of you guys? Do any of these trailers broaden any one flick's appeal? Even if they haven't, can you think of a film in which red-band footage was the key to getting your butt in a seat, and if so, did you regret it? Let us know.