If you are a fan of Chuck Palahniuk then today might be your lucky day, because it looks like audiences could be getting more Palahniuk (and his merry band of screw-ups) on the big screen than they can shake a stick at. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that Mr. Palahniuk loves to mess with people, so we should probably take this news with an enormous grain of salt. The latest chatter to hit the net is that the feature film version of Palahniuk's 2002 novel, Lullaby, has begun the casting process. But that's not all! According to The Cult (the official fan site for the author), Rant (a great 50's sci-fi inspired tale) has also been optioned by an unnamed producer.

The news about Lullaby comes from Film School Rejects, who claim that they got their scoop from the man himself. According to Rejects, "Lullaby, an adaptation that hasn't been tracked nearly as closely as his other works, is already at the casting stage. The financing is in place, and even though the production won't tell Palahniuk who they are looking to cast, he believes they are waiting for a concrete production start day to make the announcement." I don't mean to be cynical, but don't you think if this was the real deal, Palahniuk would have been told that information? Fans have been told in the past that a Swedish director by the name of Ulfer Jansen would take the reigns on Lullaby, but so far nobody has been able to get much information about Jansen beyond Palahniuk's endorsement that he was the "Swedish David Fincher". It's no secret that studios have been snapping up Palahniuk's books since the cult success of Fight Club -- I guess now that the buzz on Choke is gaining speed (you can read Erik's review here), it's the perfect time for studios to grab what's left of the catalog. Hopefully these latest additions will have better luck getting off the ground than some of Palahniuk's other big-screen properties.

Which Palahniuk book would you like to see adapted first?
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