Frankly I'm a little bit confused as to why Sam Raimi never allowed Dylan Baker to become The Lizard. The guy had three full movies in which to utilize the character, but then again -- I suppose "The Lizard" isn't nearly as high-profile (or as nifty) as Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, The Sandman, or Venom. But they let a one-armed Dylan Baker hang around for this long, so why not give the actor his shot at villainy already?

Having ranted that, I now turn my attentions towards some of the other (as yet unused) Spider-Man villains -- and this superhero has lots of 'em. (I'm fully convinced that Spidey's "rogue gallery" is one of the biggest reasons for the book's ongoing popularity.) I realize that some of these guys might work better on the page than on the big screen, but hey, you can't make two more Spidey sequels without two or three (or four) new villains. So even though the screenplays are probably already finished, I figure this is a fun topic to toss around...

Jason Statham as The Vulture -- I vaguely remember this green, winged character being a bit older than Mr. Statham, but Vulty was also bald and a real nasty character, so I'd still go with Statham.

Bill Paxton as Mysterio -- Dunno why I picked Paxton. Probably because he's one of my favorite actors, and I'd love to see him play a big-budget villain. Plus he wears a big fish-bowl on his head, so any good actor with a strong voice could pull this off.

Gerard Butler as Kraven the Hunter -- Like this guy couldn't play a homicidal game hunter. Plus he kinda looks like Kraven.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Rhino -- More of an evil henchman than a brilliant super-villain, but he's more than strong enough to whack Spidey through a building or three. And Hoffman could definitely bring a few cool shades to a relatively one-dimensional ass-kicker who wears a wacky rhinocerous suit.

William H. Macy as Electro -- This villain started out as an accountant, so that's kind of why I thought of Macy. Like Hoffman, Macy could also bring a malicious sense of humor to a bad guy who wears a decidedly goofy mask.

Alec Baldwin as Hammerhead -- A gangster with a strangely flat head. But he's pretty dangerous, and I'd love to see Baldwin play a super-villain of some sort.

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Tombstone -- Only an actor of this skill level could play an evil African-American Albino. Plus this villain speaks only in whispers, is amazing at hand-to-hand combat, and enjoys looking like a vampire. That's worth my 9 bucks right there.

Brad Dourif as Morbius -- Turned himself into a vampire through scientific methods. And there are few "genre actors" as enjoyable as Brad Dourif.

Bruce Campbell as The Scorpion -- J. Jonah Jameson helped turn this unscupulous private detective into one of Spidey's most persistent enemies, plus he has a tail-thingie that can do all sorts of expensive damage. Plus it's about time that Campbell got himself a "real" role in a Spidey flick.

Ed Harris as Carnage -- He'd be mostly CGI, obviously, but any chance to see Ed Harris in a superhero movie....

And that's all I got for now. I'm open to suggestions, of course, and I still have yet to cast some of the wackier villains like Shocker, Hydro-Man, The Chameleon, The Grizzly, The Gibbon, The Jackal, and The Kangaroo. Jeez, they've got enough villains for 15 sequels.

And whatever happened to the Man-Wolf subplot that was briefly introduced in Spider-Man 2?
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