There's a slew of new releases hitting shelves this week. Some are flashy, some are sweet, and some you should be ashamed if you spend your hard-earned money on them. As Peter said last week, we're still working out kinks in the new format, so weigh in below with your thoughts.

Speed Racer (Pick)
Made of Honor (Miss)
The Love Guru (Miss)
The Babysitters (Miss)

Young@Heart, Finding Amanda, Harold, Snow Angels

Speed Racer, Hulk (2003), The Mist

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Speed Racer
From the hands of Andy and Larry Wachowski comes Speed Racer -- a film with highly intense, bubble-gum graphics and a cast that boasts the likes of Emile Hirsch, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci, and Matthew Fox. Speed Racer has to rush his way to victory to save the family business and defeat those dastardly race-fixing powers that be. Now, as kickass as this film looks, there's only a meager selection of extras, with two featurettes, which could mean something fancier is in the works later. Still .... Buy

Made of Honor

Even if you're madly passionate about romantic comedies, you can do better than watch Patrick Dempsey get passed over for a hot Scot. Yes, this is that flick where the dude realizes he loves his best friend, but then she comes back from a business trip engaged, and wanting him to be her "Maid" of Honor. However, this is the last film Sydney Pollack was in, if you're a big fan of his. The DVD includes a director's commentary. Rent if you must, or skip it altogether.

The Love Guru
Where oh where did our Mike Myers go? We've been waiting since Austin Powers to see a new, original character from Myers. Unfortunately, Pitka isn't half as good. Playing an American who gets left in India, raised by gurus, and then brought to the Toronto Maple Leafs to fix a rift, the film doesn't have much going for it other than Justin Timberlake's insane Jacques Grande. The DVD includes deleted scenes, bloopers, featurettes, and more. Please skip it and rent some Austin Powers instead.

The Babysitters
I remember when babysitting movies used to be about babysitting clubs and wild adventures. Now, it's about girls who become prostitutes serving suburban dads. Need I say more? Skip it.

Others: 88 Minutes, Another Cinderella Story, Legend of Bloody Mary, Noise, They Wait, I See

In a sea of predictible flicks and remakes upon sequels upon remakes is Young@Heart. This documentary follows a kickass group of New England senior citizens who belt out tunes from a slew of excellent bands from Sonic Youth to The Clash. While I wish this flick had a karaoke version so folks at home could belt out the tunes too, the DVD does have deleted scenes and a featurette. Buy it!

Finding Amanda
While this is no Election, you can revel in all things Matthew Broderick. He stars as a TV writer/producer who hit once hit the skids with compulsive gambling, but now is clean except for some dalliances with the ponies. When his wife finds out and leaves him, he plans to head to Vegas (without gambling) to find her niece (who is working as a prostitute) and deliver her to rehab. The disc has interviews and commentary. Rent it.

This one pains me. Spencer Breslin stars as a 13-year-old kid with male pattern baldness who suffers his way through high school. Critics haven't been too kind to it, but maybe it's destined for cult stardom on DVD (she says with hope)? The disc offers bloops, the SNL skit, and commentary. Rent it.

Snow Angels
On the more serious side of things, this is David Gordon Green's drama to balance the drug-fueled laughs of Pineapple Express. It's a pretty involved story, so check out Nick Schager's review here. Rent it.

Speed Racer
Imagine those colors in blu-ray....

Hulk (2003)
If you happen to be a fan of Ang Lee's Hulk, check out this version, which is supposed to be pretty sweet.

The Mist
This release not only gives you the color version of the film, but the black and white as well -- and Scott Weinberg spoke to director Frank Darabont at Comic Con about it.

1408, 88 Minutes, Another Cinderella Story, Dragon Ball Z, The Love Guru, Madagascar, Made of Honor, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Disc Collection, Risky Business, Shrek the Third, Speed and Angels

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