We end the week with all kinds of intriguing possibilities and rumors -- try to contain your joy at the Ghostbusters 3 bit, especially if you're at work. We can't have your employers finding out you're reading Cinematical on the clock!

  • Bill Murray is at Fantastic Fest, undoubtedly partying with our writers and promoting City of Ember and at the film's Q&A, AICN's Kraken (a stellar guy) asked the question we all wanted the answer too -- would Murray return forGhostbusters 3? Murray thinks the scriptwriters (borrowed, you'll remember, from The Office) are off to a good start, that enough time has passed to heal the Ghostbusters 2 wounds, and he would definitely be open to playing Peter Venkman again. In fact, his enthusiasm for the franchise was rekindled by recording the voice for the upcoming video game -- and he had even been singing the theme song in public. There's video of Murray's answer up at AICN, so check it out, and get your hopes up.
  • One of the questions surrounding Iron Man 2 was its change-up on the writing front. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby weren't returning, their job was taken by Justin Theroux, and we all frowned a little inside. But MTV has the scoop that they're unavailable for Iron Man 2 because they're working on something else for Marvel. Fergus wouldn't specify what, he just dropped maddening hints. "There are some really juicy [movies] that we are very much talking intensely with Marvel about ... We're interested in working on a bunch of these other Marvel projections and everything in the Marvel canon is fair game. We have a lot of ideas about all this, but until they officially ask us to come do one of these we'll keep our mouths closed about the actual ideas. It's moving along nicely but nothing official yet. But, yes, we are planning on working on some of those movies. That much I'll say." At this point, all of the Marvel movies have writers -- and impressive ones at that. Either they're replacing someone, or it's a new character altogether. Guess away.
  • Justice League Mortalis a film that no one outside of its cast or crew seems to want. It's been declared dead more than once, but every once and awhile, it twitches and makes us go back for a second look. The latest to declare it living is Armie Hammer, the unknown picked to play Batman. He told E! Online that the actors endured months of vomit inducing physical training, and that he actually got to try on the Batsuit -- it's weapons were fully functional and it has a bigger codpiece than Christian Bale's. Draw your own conclusions.
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