Bonjour! Buenos dias! Whassup! It's diversity week here at the Trailer Park and we're looking at previews for films from our about different cultures.

I've seen only a a few episodes of the Japanese cartoon on which this live action film is based, but I'm not seeing a whole lot here that reminds me of the anime. Frankly it reminds me more of Mortal Combat Kombat. Like the original, this is a martial arts fantasy with prophecies, super powers, lots of action and a hero with preposterously spiked hair. Chow Yun Fat is in there to add some action movie cred, but will that be enough? From what I've read the anime fans are not thrilled with this one, and it's not doing a lot for me either. I don't think this one if for me.


Here's a charming looking indie about a friendship between and Italian American and an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Bruno (Carmine Famiglietti) is behind on his rent and reluctantly goes into the construction business, hiring Mexican day laborers to help him. When he hires Ignacio (Raúl Castillo) the two forge a bond despite the fact that Ignacio does not speak English. I'm looking forward to this one.
Hank and Mike
"We're pink, we stink, and we're here to drink," is apparently the battle cry of an Easter bunny who is ready to party. If a world in which grown men make careers out of being Easter bunnies doesn't represent a different culture, I don't know what does. Hank and Mike are a pair of Easter bunnies who are having a difficult time finding new careers in the wake of an across the board lay off. Personally I think the big problem is that they are ALWAYS wearing the pink fuzzy bunny outfits. I can see where that might put off a potential employer. This one is strange enough to make me want to see it. We first heard about this one when Monika posted about it way back in January of 2007, and it is currently playing a limited.

Dead Snow
What's better than a movie about Norwegian zombies? A movie about Norwegian Nazi zombies, that's what, giving us two ultimate evils for the price of one. The undead soldiers sporting swastikas reminded me of a little flick called Shockwaves. The Dead Snow trailer is entirely in Norwegian with no titles, but as near as I can figure out the movie is about a group of young people trapped in a cabin or ski lodge while the snow and the walking dead Hitler-ites rage outside. Perhaps global warming has thawed these guys out? Who knows. This is really just a teaser, but it's got my attention. This opens on 9/1/09 in Norway, though no word yet on when we may see this here in the states.

Waltz With Bashir
No, this has nothing to do with Dr. Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (and there's my ultra geek reference for the day). This is a fascinating looking Israeli that combines several different animation techniques. A man named Ari realizes that he no longer remembers what he did during the first Lebanese War of the early 1980s. To learn the truth he seeks out former friends who were with him at the time. I have to see this one. Here is Kim's review of the film

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