Pictured: The winners of Cinematical's Third Annual Costume Contest in the adult category

Hey, so did you know that dressing up in a movie-related costume for Halloween could win you all sorts of fabulous prizes from your most favorite online movie destination? Of course you knew this ... and now that it's October, we here at Cinematical are putting the finishing touches on our Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Contest. Like we have in previous years, we'll be giving away a pretty awesome Halloween-themed prize package to our top winner(s) in each of our two categories: best adult costume and best children's costume.

The contest will begin on October 20th and run through early November (exact dates to be named later). We'll be working with the same rules as last year more or less (read a few after the jump), but instead of letting you vote in the comments, we'll be creating a poll for you to use. Make sure to check out last year's contest for costume ideas and such, and get your ass back here later this month for our official contest kick off post where we'll announce the sweeet prize packages.

Happy Halloween movie freaks!

1. The contest officially begins on October 20. Starting that day (and no sooner) you will be able to submit your contest entries. Be sure to look for the post a day or so before that, announcing HOW to enter, and our fun-filled, official, legal rules.

2. Your contest entry must in some way be related to movies. It can be a character, a play on a movie title, a famous actor or director -- whatever. So long as it relates to film, and you're not nude (sorry, kids) you're good.

3. You will email your contest submission to the address we announce in the official kick-off post.

4. We'll post the finalist's pictures, and you -- yes, you! -- will vote via poll for who you think should win. And yes, if you enter, your friends and family can vote for you, and you can vote for yourself. But each vote will be counted ONCE and only once.

Stay tuned and start working on those costumes people!