There's a lot of little stuff scattered online today, so I'm combining it all into one post for your easy reading. And the art above? A Halloween treat that's tastier than a mini-Snickers, longer lasting, and a lot less damaging to your waistline. (Substitute the mini-Snickers for your trick-or-treat of choice -- oh, those were the days!)

The news of a third Ghostbusters film has many (including myself) a little nervous. You want to see them return, but you don't want to see the Ghostbusters nuke the fridge alongside Indiana Jones, the Skywalker clan, and John McClane. But there's one way to get a fix without seeing your childhood heroes abused onscreen -- and that's in a comic book. And the Ghostbusters have one, a mini series courtesy of IDW. It hits shelves today, and MTV's Splash Page has a six page preview. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun -- and I really hope my shop has a copy left for me. My childhood obsession (and crush on Venkman) is flooding back already.

Now on to the rest of the news:

Variety reports that Warner Bros has optioned Alexis Nolent's French series Headshot (Du plomb dans la tête) This is the third book of Nolent's (who publishes under the name Matz) to be optioned -- James Mangold has Cyclops in development with Warners, and David Fincher has The Killer over at Paramount. Headshot tells the story of an unlikely alliance between a hitman and a cop, after both men see their partner die. Seeking revenge, they discover they share an enemy, and have more in common than they realized. I hope they both have similar dorky hobbies and problematic children rather than some dark and twisted background, but it's probably the latter. It hasn't been published stateside, but if you're fluent in French, there's a preview here.

  • Buzz continues to grow on the Green Lantern, and I suspect it will be the fanboy obsession of 2009. MTV's Splash Page has a big interview with Marc Guggenheim, where he namedrops what comics are influencing the script. Sounds like Emerald Dawn is playing a part, as is Neal Adams/Denny O'Neill's long run, and possibly even the days of Dave Gibbons in the '80s. Lest you think they are going too retro, Guggenheim also admits to picking up Geoff Johns' current run. Much of this is Greek to me (you know I'm a Marvel girl) so, Green Lantern fans, are they looking in the right places for Hal Jordan?

  • WhatsOnStage reports that Kenneth Branagh has stepped away from directing Jude Law in the West End's production of Hamlet to direct Thor -- it's really happening, guys!
  • Mark your calenders and set your TIVO/DVR for October 21st -- SpikeTV has announced that Watchmen footage will premiere during Scream 2008. Might it be the footage Erik saw? Or maybe the extended trailer I saw at ComicCon? Some combination thereof? I don't know, but I can't wait for our readers to see what else Zack Snyder has in store. Additionally, Collider claims a secret test screening of Watchmen is taking place in Portland this Thursday (tomorrow) at 7pm. It's a "blind screening," which means they won't tell you the name of the film. Keep an eye out for it Portland-ites.
  • The Star Trek footage J.J. Abrams showed Simon Pegg was so good, it caused him to weep. "I showed Simon Pegg [footage] when we were at Comic-Con. I showed him this little trailer thing and it was my favorite thing ever," Abrams told MTV. "He literally started weeping. It was ridiculous. He was sitting there, I mean he must have been plastered. Because he was looking at my iPhone [crying]." That's probably the best endorsement I've heard, this side of Kevin Smith.
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