[photo via LA Weekly]

Here's a round-up of some stuff (and things) currently making waves online:

--They hosted a Zombie Dance-Off in Los Angeles over the weekend as part of Thrill the World '08 where, according to LA Weekly, folks gather to perform the zombie dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller in 91 cities in 12 countries across the world "in an attempt to hold the world record for the most people to do the 'Thriller' dance at one time ..." Check out the photo above and this video of the actual performance (and is that a zombie slave Princess Leia -- right on!) ...

-- Natalie Portman is taking on some more adult roles as Variety reports the gal has signed on to star in Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, opposite Scott Cohen and Charlie Tahan. Portman will play a woman who fixes her marriage through bonding with her stepson.

-- While Anne Hathaway stars in Dancing with Sheba, Amy Adams has signed on to headline the film Daughter of the Queen of Sheba. This one, based on the life of NPR correspondent Jacki Lyden, tells of a woman who "uses her mother's madness and delusions to empower herself." See, and all I did was use my mother's cupcakes to gain weight. Clearly I came out a winner in the end.

-- Cracked has up some leaked excerpts from Miley Cyrus' "Memoir", and since we're talking about those warped minds over at Cracked, I wouldn't exactly take this too seriously. Among the different chapters ("Chapter Twelve: Insanity Fair! Lol. No, But Seriously, This Was Humiliating") was this image of Cyrus as Venom. [via Superpunch]

New Watchmen, Star Trek posters after the jump ... img hspace="4" vspace="4" border="1" alt="" src="http://www.blogcdn.com/blog.moviefone.com/media/2008/10/watchmentrekintposter.jpg" />

-- FilmGeek has located what they claim are the French posters for Watchmen and Star Trek (though the former looks a little doctored-up if you ask me). The Watchmen one is pretty standard, though I'm still waiting for them to unveil a Star Trek poster that doesn't immediately put you to sleep with its boringness.

-- Check out this new clip from Twilight of Robert Pattinson's vampire character kicking an apple. See, now that's how you pick up a human chick.

-- One Iron Man fan who's not crazy about Don Cheadle taking over for Terrence Howard was so far as to create a website dedicated to fans who want to take a stand. Check it out over here. Oh, and here's my two cents: Too late.

-- Slashfilm has images and a detailed script review of Judd Apatow's Funny People.

-- Finally, someone gets it right: In Bruges, Slumdog Millionaire and Hunger dominate BAFTA nominations.

-- Famed porn director Gerard Rocco Damiano (Deep Throat) has died after suffering a stroke. He was 80.