We've got another bushel or so of trailers for films just over the horizon. How promising are they? You tell us.

Monsters Vs. Aliens
Dreamworks latest animated feature has a group of terrestrial monsters (a blob, a fish man, a giant bug, a human-sized cockroach/mad scientist and a very tall woman named Susan) fighting off an alien attack. This homage to 1950s sci fi features the voices of Seth Rogen, Will Arnet, Paul Rudd, Hugh Laurie, Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Stephen Colbert and looks flat out awesome. It opens on March 27 but I really want to see it NOW.

Pink Panther 2
While it's hard for me to work up much enthusiasm for a sequel to a remake I didn't see which was based on a series that had pretty much run out of steam by the end, Steve Martin's Inspector Clouseau does have an endearing charm and I found myself hoping the damn fool doesn't get himself killed falling down stairs, impersonating the pope and brawling with eight year old karate students. Also, this time Inspector Dreyfus is played by John Cleese who I think is one of the funniest guys on the planet. Pink Panther 2 hits theaters on February 6.

Cadillac Records

Set in 1950s Chicago, this one follows the lives of musical legends such as Muddy Waters, Leonard Chess, Little Walter and Howlin' Wolf and Elvis Presley, with a cast that includes Beyonce Knowles, Adrien Brody and Mos Def. Cadillac Records comes out on December 5. strong>
Benicio Del Toro stars in this two part biopic about Che Guevara, the Argentine doctor turned revolutionary from director Steven Soderbergh. Presumably this film will explain how he became a popular t-shirt design and it goes into limited release on December 12.


This tale of young Star Wars nerds trying to steal a copy of The Phantom Menace just prior to its release has been floating around for a loooonnnnngg time but looks like it's finally going to be released. Cameos abound with William Shatner playing himself, Billy Dee Williams playing Judge Reinhold (huh?) and Ethan Suplee playing Harry Knowles (holy crap!). I sense the Force is strong with this one, and it hits theaters on February 6.

The Reader
In the years following World War II, a young lawyer is reunited with the older woman (Kate Winslet) he'd had an affair with years before to defend her in a war crimes trial. Ralph Fiennes stars the older version of the lawyer with the story told through flashbacks. Based on the novel by Bernhard Schlink, The Reader will be in theaters on December 10 in limited release.

Zombie films have been done to death, but this Canadian film has a new angle in that the contagion is somehow spread through the English language. Not sure how that would work, but it's got me curious. No release info yet for this one.

New Trailers This Week on AOL Moviefone:

  • Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead - Documentary about death penalty advocate Robert Blecker and his relationship with death row inmate Daryl Holton.
  • Special - Second trailer for this indie comedy starring Michael Rappaport as a man whose experimental prescription drugs make him think he is a super hero.Here's the preview:

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Second trailer for the Brad Pitt film about a man who ages backwards.
  • The Brothers Bloom - Two brothers join forces for the con of a lifetime. Check out the trailer:

  • Last Chance Harvey -Dustin Hoffman plays a man who has lost his job and the respect of his daughter but may also have finally found true love.
  • The Class - French film about a teacher trying to reach a group of tough kids in a Parisian high school.