A handful of geek news bits are the perfect way to end the week. There's all kinds of intriguing little quotes scattered all over the Internet tonight, and I've compiled them all below to give your mouse finger and Google toolbar a rest. Enjoy!

As always, the Old Canuckehead gets first grab -- X-MenFilms.Net was informed by Fox that the first X-Men Origins: Wolverine teaser is supposed to be attached to The Day the Earth Stood Still, which hits theaters on December 12th. Will we see the same footage that most of us glimpsed via YouTube bootleg from San Diego ComicCon? I bet we will!

Buried in that Ain't It Cool News scoop on J. Michael Stracynzki was the news that he had just finished his rewrite of Thor. I think the God of Thunder is moving faster than Captain America.

MTV's Splash Page caught up with Robert Downey Jr. and pressed him for word on the Terrance Howard/Don Cheadle swap. He stayed classy, of course: "I had nothing to do with that decision. I love Terrence very very much. That's all I'll say because I haven't talked to him yet ... I've always admired Don [Cheadle]. It's one of those situations where I still don't quite know what happened or why. Here's what happens too: things happen and you wind up commenting on them before you've actually talked to the people and it's in poor taste." He also stressed that the Iron Man franchise will be an "interactive" one, with he and Jon Favreau striving "to make sure we don't piss off the public that put us in the position we're in."

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Also on the Splash Page is an interview with Chris Morgan, who confirmed he's penning the sequel to Wanted.
"As far as I know, the studio is finishing their deal with Mark [Millar], and then we're all going to get together and collaborate. And that's something I'm very excited about ... The point is to continue the journey that Wes started in the first film ... There's a natural journey that Wes needs to take, [and the sequel] is going to be opened up to be more global."

And about that gruesome ending to Wanted -- turns out, Angelina Jolie changed it. Hero Complex caught up with the actress, who said she refused to sign onto the script until they changed her character's fate. I won't quote her for the sake of spoilers.

Apparently, a fan made poster (which ran here on Cinematical ages ago) was enough to convince many on the Internet that Megan Fox was the next Wonder Woman. She's not.

Hot English commodity Mark Strong talked to First Showing about his Kick-Ass villain, Frank D'Amico. "[He's] a New York gangster, quite a nasty piece of work. He's a fixer, a drug dealer. And his world starts to fall apart when he realizes that his organization is being brought to its knees by what appear to be teenage superheroes ... I've been shouting a lot, snorting a lot of coke, drinking a lot of whiskey, and threatening people with guns." Dream guy!

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