With Hollywood types running out of superhero ideas, it would appear the Showtime network has taken the next logical step: how about the gay superhero? And they're certainly not alone on this one; Variety reports that the hourlong project comes from Stan Lee and is based on the book Hero by Perry Moore. The story is said to focus on an "up-and-coming superhero who struggles to hide his secret identities." If anything, it certainly ups the ante and raises the stakes, and, in my opinion, is a pretty interesting idea. Like any superhero, gay men and woman across the globe often hide who they really are for fear society will punish them in some way, shape or form for being different. With the recent Prop. 8 debacle over in California, now is probably the perfect time to combine a popular mainstream genre with a topic more people need to not only come to terms with, but understand and support.

But is there room for a gay superhero amongst today's testosterone-fueled, run-and-gun box office blockbusters? Is this an idea that has potential, or do you see it slipping into territory that makes you feel too uncomfortable? Showtime is a network that likes to take risks with their programming, and so are you afraid the show would spend more time in the bedroom than out fighting crime? And would it be a bad thing to focus more on living as an individual with many secrets versus living as a superhero who loves to kick ass and take names?

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