There are DVDs you might want to rent on a rainy day, and then there are DVDs you absolutely must buy the day they arrive in stores. Already one of the best reviewed films of the year -- and a strong candidate for a Best Picture Oscar nod -- Pixar's WALL-E finally arrives on DVD this Tuesday, November 18th in spectacular fashion. Folks, if you haven't converted to Blu-ray yet, I'd seriously recommend penning a letter to Santa real soon, because not only are WALL-E and The Dark Knight unveiling pretty ridiculous Blu-ray DVDs during the next month, but the format is really starting to produce some outstanding product.

That all being said, you've probably already realized that I'll be giving you a sneak peek at the 3-Disc Blu-ray DVD for WALL-E, which is all sorts of awesome, but I'll also clue you in on what the regular DVD offers too. First off, feel free to check out the gallery below, which includes images from the brand new short film BURN-E (featured on both Blu-ray and DVD), along with a few Fun Fact Sheets, like one called Hidden Things (little Pixar Easter Eggs throughout the film) and one called How Did They Make That Sound (pretty self-explanatory).


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