It's been awhile since we heard anything regarding Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, and after the release date was pushed back a year, folks started to spew rumors that Warner Bros. didn't like Jonze's version of the flick, how it was "too adult", how test screenings were making kids cry, how there were reshoots ... and all that nonsense. Cut to today, and AICN has up a lengthy interview with Jonze and his editor Eric Zumbrunnen from their offices, as well as two brand new images from the flick (one of which you can see above). The interview itself is mega long, but fans of Jonze and of Wild Things should definitely read it in its entirety, if only to feel better about where this project is heading. Here are a few interview highlights:

Jonze on where the film is at now: "We just locked picture about three weeks ago, and we'll probably finish all the effects by, like, May or so. Then we mix in May and we have our dates in October, so..."

Jonze on who's scoring the flick: "Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She did some of the score and is doing some of the score. Her and Carter Burwell are sort of doing it together."

Jonze on problems with the studio: "And I think that's what freaked the studio out about the movie too. It wasn't a studio film for kids, or it wasn't a traditional film about kids. We didn't have like a Movie Kid in our movie, or a Movie Performance in a Movie Kid world. We had a real kid and a real world, and I think that's sort of where our problem was. In the end they realized the movie is what it is, and there's no real way to... it's sort of like they were expecting a boy and I gave birth to a girl. So they just needed their time to sort that out and figure out how they were going to learn to love their new daughter."
AICN on the look of the Wild Things: The Wild Things, since I haven't described them to you yet, each stand about eight feet high, it looks like, or at least the larger ones do. They're very, very close to the original Sendak drawings.

At one point, Spike shows AICN a number of possible posters for the film, then says: "You know that Indiana Jones warehouse? Well, Warner Bros. has one of those, so I know if we let these go, they'll just be in some crate for eternity deteriorating to dust."

AICN describes one poster: "[He indicated an image of a single tree, with Carol hiding behind it, spilling out on both sides and plainly visible.]"

Jonze on the "feel" of the film: "Yeah, I think this one I just wanted to... from the beginning, I wanted it to feel a certain way. I wanted it to feel "real," or not-real because it's not "real," I wanted it to feel like... like when I was a kid, and I would play with my Star Wars action figures, or read Maurice's books and imagine me being Mickey in IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN, or whatever it was... it felt like it was everything, you know? It's like your imagination is so convincing to yourself that... you're there, you're in it. And I wanted this movie to take it as seriously as kids take their imagination and not, like, fantasy it up. So I think it just started from that feeling, that it could feel like you were there with them, like Max was there with them, and not just in some fantasy movie."

Read the rest of the interview over on AICN. Where the Wild Things Are arrives in theaters on October 16, 2009.
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