Goodness knows the world wasn't asking for the equivalent of National Lampoon's Bring It On (alternate title: Take It Off), but if we had to be subjected to the forthcoming cheer romp that is Fired Up!, why has it taken nine years to cash in on the trend? I can't otherwise understand how else this comedy -- the trailer for which we've included after the jump -- has gotten off the ground.

See, it's about a pair of high school football players (played by 31-year-old Eric Christian Olsen and 28-year-old Nicholas D'Agosto) who opt out on their team training in order to tag along with the all-female cheerleading squad to their cheer camp/competition. Besides, with 300 ready-and-waiting young women at their alleged disposal, what are the odds that one of our guys will instead want to hook up with the cutie (Sarah Roemer) calling their bluff? And what chance could there possibly be that she already has a dick-ish boyfriend who can't help but make them look like more sensible guys in comparison? Might hilarity ensue?! I have my doubts. There's little difference between the green-band MySpace trailer making the rounds and the red-band one hosted by Empire Magazine (and embedded below), and being the tamest red-band preview I've seen to date, I'm pretty certain that we're looking at a PG-13 here (yes, they can say 's--t' all they want with that rating). Heck, if it were actually R, then this film's audience would have to ask a parent or legal guardian to come with, and that's just cruel to consider.

Either way, Fired Up drops down on March 20, 2009. To quote one of the sassy cheerleader foes: B. F. D.