You know, I was content with thinking that blax-ploitation send-up Black Dynamite was merely a very creative fake trailer (we've included the red-band version post-jump, just to stay safe). But every indication seems to suggest that Michael Jai White's funky fight against The Man is a feature-length affair -- and one that's been accepted to the next Sundance Film Fesitval to boot.

I don't care if Grindhouse didn't make much at the box office, because the world is still better off for having that film (or those films) in it, and I can't help but think there's room on our '70s throwback shelf for a little African-American TNT. Those feeling the vibe might want to check out the official website for a soulful theme that would do Isaac Hayes proud, some fittingly bad-ass posters and anything you might want to know about the film and its influences.

So, without further ado, help yourself to some NSFW goodness after the jump... object width="425" height="344">