Friday the 13th
This is the new full length trailer for the reimagining of the classic horror franchise. Sexually active young adults being stalked by a big dude in a goalie mask. Aside from a Jason who is much faster than the lumbering killing machine in countless sequels I don't see anything new here. This hits theaters on Friday February 13.

Terminator Salvation
OK, this is really just a preview of the preview which is kind of lame. Entertainment Tonight is going to have the official first look at the full Terminator: Salvation trailer next tuesday, but this clip from the 12/4 shows some intriguing bits. Terminator 3 pretty much killed my interest in the series, but between this and the teaser trailer they've definitely got my attention. Salvation begins on May 22.

Donkey Punch

Despite a title that implies some bizarre form of animal cruelty (and the actual meaning of the term is even more disturbing) this is a horror suspense yarn about a good time gone very wrong. Three girls out partying in Spain meet some guys and go back to their yacht. One of the girls ends up dead after some rough sex games and the plot is off and running. The trailer makes me think of Wolf Creek, another young-people's-vacation-turns-to-horror movie. Look for this in theaters on January 23 in limited release. strong>
The Great Buck Howard
John Malkovich is Buck Howard, a showbiz mentalist/magician whose star has faded but feels he's on the verge of a comeback. Colin Hanks is the law school dropout working as his assistant, with real-life Dad Tom Hanks playing the father who doesn't approve of his career choice. Malkovich does oddball so well I have to see this, and it will be in theaters sometime in 2009.

Fired Up
When two high school football players learn that the female to male ratio at cheerleading camp is 500:1 they abandon the grid iron and take up the pompoms in this teen comedy. The only glimmer of hope I'm seeing in this one is that director Will Gluck worked on Andy Richter Controls the Universe, a show whose cancellation was downright criminal. Things get fired up on February 20.

I Love You Phillip Morris

JIm Carrey plays a man who, after a traumatic car accident, comes to the conclusion that he's gay and embarks on a career in embezzlement. While in prison he meets and falls in love with Phillip Morris played by Ewan McGregor. At times Carrey looks like he's breaking new ground, but other times it's classic Carrey. Not sure what to make of this one. No U.S. release info yet, but it comes out in France on February 25.

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