I was originally going to start out this post by going off on those studios that habitually change dates on their releases and wait until the last minute to do so. Instead, I'll try to remain positive and emphasize one particular studio that has given us a head's up on the shuffling of their 2009 slate: Universal.

Of utmost priority is director Joe Johnston and star Benicio del Toro's take on The Wolfman, which has been bumped back from this spring to next November (not unlike The Box). Usually, such shuffling might seem like a bad thing, but about six more months to polish what I'm guessing are so very many special effects sounds like a fair enough compromise (which isn't to suggest that Oscar-winning make-up wizard Rick Baker didn't do a fine job the first time around). Also moving back is Ridley Scott's Nottingham, now pushed to a TBD date in 2010. In the meantime, the already completed Fast & Furious has swooped in to The Wolfman's old date of April 3rd, up from a mid-June release. Although the first film in the franchise (you know, the one with all the 'the's in the title) debuted in a similar spot, I can't help but think that this reunion of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and fast cars will be better served drawing in targeted teens during the off-season, when their only other option is an R-rated rom-com.

Lastly, with continued regards to targeting teens, the Emma Roberts romp Wild Child has allegedly been set to open on May 8. Given that this thing has A) already opened to an unimpressed UK audience, B) has been bouncing around the calendar for roughly a year if memory serves, and C) looks fairly lame, I'll shed no tears if or when this moves once again. Those, however, who do care can start importing the R2 DVD at any time they please. (Peter Hall: I can't speak for the Blu-ray release of this one just yet.)
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