The second image of Brad Pitt (here's the first one) from Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds has arrived online via, and once again we get a nice look at that mustache. And what's up with the mustache in 2008? George Clooney's sporting one for his new flick, Pitt's got one -- Urlesque seems to think 2008 is The Year of the 'Stache; go figure. I think they itch too much. ANYway, in Basterds, Pitt plays the leader of a group of Jewish-American soldiers whose job it is to spread fear throughout the Third Reich. Check out another image below of Diane Kruger in a bar with what looks like a group of drunken soldiers.

After the jump -- the first images of Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes! Just Jared nabbed the first images of Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes (seen below). In the film, McAdams plays Holmes' (Robert Downey Jr.) love interest/competitor Irene Adler. The image below kinda gives you an idea of what she will look like, though I've personally seen her in a scene and let me just say that her outfit really makes the character. So consider this a half-look at Irene Adler. More images can be found at Just Jared.

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