Our friends over at Worth1000 are always coming up with the strangest photoshop contests, and two of their latest asked readers to have some fun with old, classic paintings. One contest required folks to incorporate their favorite superhero into any piece of fine art (that didn't include Mona Lisa or Norman Rockwell). The other contest, however, was called Modern Renaissance, and it asked users to "put any modern celebrity, actor or popular culture figure as a substitute for the model of a painting or other form of artwork." The image above comes from the superhero photoshop contest, and it shows off Spider-Man in one of Salvador Dali's paintings. Check out a comparison below ...

What you don't see in the new painting is the Spidey villain Doc Ock hanging out in the lower left corner, but luckily we've pieced together a group of our favorites from each contest and have them for you in the galleries below. Let us know which painting(s) you'd happily throw up on your wall.


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