I don't know about you, but it's the day after the day after Christmas and I've still got visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. To bring myself back down I'm going to scope out some new trailers. Won't you join me?

Tim Burton produces this animated feature which is directed by Shane Acker and based on Acker's short film of the same name. In a post-apocalyptic future, creatures who appear to be animated burlap bags fight for survival against monstrous machines intent on their extinction. Definitely not for the kids, but this is a gorgeous looking film and it releases, appropriately enough, on 9/9/09.

State of Play
Russell Crowe is investigating the murder of a Congressman's aid/mistress, with Ben Affleck playing the congressman. It's probably not fair to judge dialog taken out of context, but a few lines like "good reporters don't have friends, only sources," and "I can't protect you anymore" sound like old school news room drama cliches. The cast is strong, though, and the film is based on an award-winning British mini-series. Look for it in theaters on April 17.

Monsters Vs. Aliens
This is the new full-length trailer for Dreamworks' animated homage to sci fi monster flicks from the 50s. I loved the teaser and this new trailer makes me even happier. Rainn Wilson as an earth conquering alien? What's not to love? The monsters will be unleashed on March 27.

Weather Girl

After committing career suicide on the air, a former weather girl tries to find her place in the world. No release info for this yet, though it shows a lot of charm and will be playing January 17 at the Slamdance Film Festiva a href="http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810028001/video/11224499/standardformat/">Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
Ben Stiller returns as security guard Larry Daley, who is attempting to rescue some of the living museum displays from the first film who have accidentally been shipped to the Smithsonian Institute. The sequel amps things up, as sequels tend to do, with the Lincoln Memorial joining in on the shenanigans. Night falls on May 22.

Veronika Decides to Die
This remake of a 2005 Japanese film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as a seemingly successful young woman who tries to commit suicide. She wakes up in a mental hospital and is given the news that because of her weakened heart she only has 10 days to live. Only then does she find a reason to live. I was a big Buffy fan, and I think Gellar is an actress with a lot of talent. Could this be the role that finally establishes her as a film star? I guess we'll find out in March.

The Mother of Invention
Mockumentary about an inventor whose inventions just don't work. It may have potential but I'm not seeing it here. As soon as you see that can of mace you know how the scene will end. This one comes in on January 4 in Los Angeles only.

Free Style
A young man pursues his dream of being a motorcycle racer. This one hits theaters on February 6.