2009 has begun on a rather tense note for geekdom as Watchmen became further embroiled in legal soup. As Fox pushes for a delay, we must contemplate a rather thin year of geeky offerings .... which just shows how spoiled we've become. Watchmen and Wolverine alone would have made our year before the wonder that was 2008, when we had Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and the Punisher. But hey, this is going to be the Year of Announcements -- we're going to find out who Captain America and Thor are, who or what Iron Man must face in his sequel, and hey, we might even find out whether Edward Norton will reprise his role as the Hulk. We're going to have fun, no matter what happens with Watchmen.

Nothing. Watch The Dark Knight ten more times, I guess (especially when it returns to conventional and IMAX theaters on January 23). Or read a graphic novel; you must have gotten some for Christmas? Anyway, take a breather. You're still recovering from 2008.

Neil Gaiman's Coraline, and a limited release of the long-delayed Fanboys both come out on February 6th. Gaiman for the win, no question.

Watchmen Watchmen Watchmen Watchmen Watchmen Watchmen Watchmen.The film is still scheduled to arrive in theaters on March 6th, however Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox are still fighting in court over who actually owns the rights to the property. If a judge rules in favor of Fox on January 20th or before, we may not get Watchmen on time ... but we will get a whole bunch of angry fans. Read more about it on our Watchmen page.


Dragonball Evolution hits theaters on the 8th. The excitement is palatable.

This is the month of geekdom, kicking off with the film my year centers around, X-Men Origins: Wolverine on May 1. If this isn't good, the Geek Beat will burn with the fury of a thousand suns the following Tuesday. May that be your warning, Fox.


A little independent film you might have heard of also comes out this month: Star Trek hits theaters on May 8th.

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You'll find superheroes only at your comic book store this month, and action-adventure at the multiplexes. It's all about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on June 26th. If your online handle is Optimus Prime, then you will be Mr. or Ms. Popular everywhere you post this summer.

Even geeks will be enrolled at Hogwarts when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince hits theaters on July 17. And there's a little thing called San Diego ComicCon to keep you cheerful.


You can see G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra on August 7, and wonder where your old G.I. Joe comics are. Go ask your mom if she threw them away. Otherwise, sleep off San Diego and read the comics you bought there.


The long delayed Whiteout will finally come to theaters on September 11. This is based on Greg Rucka's graphic novel. Footage premiered at ComicCon 2007 and it looked pretty good. I don't really get what happened to it.

The Surrogates also comes out on September 25th. It's based on Robert Vendetti's graphic novel and, frankly, sounds pretty promising.

Spend your time perfecting your nerdy Halloween costume for our contest, and look to Scott Weinberg's list as to what you have to look forward to horror wise.

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, which is supposed to be accompanied by / based on a graphic novel by Lionel Wigram. There's been no whisper as to when we'll see that, but hey, this can count as geekdom merely because of Robert Downey Jr. Pretend he's a Steampunk Tony Stark, yeah?

It'll be here before you know it -- and we'll finally unlock the mystery that is James Cameron's Avatar on December 18. From there, it's only a short wait until 2010, the year of Marvel kicking our collective asses again. By now, we'll know who the Avengers are. Can you believe it?
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