Perhaps all possibly iconic roles should come with a warning: If you get too popular, too much of a heartthrob or superstar, there's a good chance that the spotlight will fade and you'll have to make your "comeback" on a reality show. Oh, how the mighty can fall.

We've had everything from The Surreal Life to The Two Coreys, and now we're getting Confessions of a Teen Idol. Heard of it? The upcoming VH1 show has some completely unsurprising faces, including: Eric Nies (who is now a hippie-looking life coach!?), everyone's favorite No-Match-For-A-Cool-Rider Adrien Zmed, and Jamie Walters, who has morphed from Shout star to head-shorn, tat-covered musician. But the big surprise on the list, at least for me, Christopher Atkins -- also known as the man who led The Pirate Movie and showed off his stuff with Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon. The show follows the men as they live together "forming a unique and exclusive support group." And it's spearheaded by Scott Baio. Oh yes, so it's not only seeing them now, but them exploring "their hopes and fears about daring to want that fame back as grown men." I'm thinking they should've just talked to Jackie Earle Haley, rather than signing on to humiliate themselves on television.

But I wonder: How far will this go? Will any of our childhood favorites be safe? Who will be next? When will it stop? I already can't look at Corey Haim the same after what I've seen recently. I really don't want all of my old, beloved films to get the same sad reality show tarnish.
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