When it comes to Veronica Mars, I know fans have some pretty strong feelings about the possibility of their beloved TV show getting the big-screen treatment -- but it looks like fans are going to have to get used to the idea. iF Magazine recently spoke with Mars creator, Rob Thomas and he told them that the unexpected scale-back of his current series Cupid has freed up plenty of time to get to work on the feature film version of the teen sleuth, and that it looks like a feature film will be gearing up for production.

For those of you who might have missed Veronica's short run on TV, here is a little primer: Mars (as played by Kristen Bell) was a high school student/private investigator who each week would take on a different small town mystery. Once described as "a little bit Buffy, and a little bit Bogart", Mars would solve crimes all the while dealing with the blow back from being abandoned by the popular crowd, and some serious personal issues. The show was beloved by fans, and even though it only lasted three seasons, it hasn't stopped fans from being awfully protective of their blond P.I. So you might be wondering; what exactly does Thomas have planned for Ms. Mars on the big screen? According to Thomas, the script is, "...it's 70 percent broken in my head, I've been struggling with this one plot point and I'm hopeful to figure that out....I'm feeling like I'm on the right track now. But I don't want to give that away yet." The one thing Thomas did confirm was that fans shouldn't get too hung up on the idea of Veronica ending up as a G-Woman. Thomas told iF," it would open just days before her college graduation, so Veronica would be just at the end of her college career."

So now that Thomas has a little free time and cash (courtesy of producer, Joel Silver) to bring Veronica to the big screen, it sounds like a done deal (whether we like it our not). I'm just curious to find out if Thomas can satisfy Veronica's hard core fans. Sound off below....
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