1. Twiddle thumbs while waiting for bidding wars to break out -- So Senator Entertainment has already landed domestic distribution for Antoine Fuqua's cop drama, Brooklyn's Finest (they'll probably do right by it and sit it on a shelf right next to All the Boys Love Mandy Lane); now, it's just a matter of waiting for Fox Searchlight to snatch up their next sleeper in waiting, and for either Focus or Paramount Vantage to pick up the rights to something they can't quite turn a profit on *cough1* *cough2*. Modest comfort comes in the form of Searchlight already planning a late-summer release for 500 Days of Summer, and of Sony Pictures Classics reportedly calling dibs on Sam Rockwell's sci-fi drama, Moon. Keep those ears and eyes open, folks.

2. Monitor some seriously similar, sometimes simultaneous Twitter action -- For starters, there's our crew: Snider, then Davis, then Rocchi, and (lastly but not least-ly) new convert Weinberg. Then you have the Onion folks, your CHUD, the IFC one-two, the Spout reps, our HitFix homies, not to mention your /Film and your Film School Rejects and your First Showing (these fellas happen to be sharing accommodations, so expect much echo). Daily posts? Facebook status updates? Please. With a minute-by-minute play-by-play, who needs to go outdoors? 3. Recycle -- I don't mean paper or plastic, but rather jokes. See, Eric D. Snider made a joke about Defamer helping themselves to a joke of his, and now I'm making a joke about that...

Um... The Aristocrats.

4. Realize just how close we are to SXSW '09 -- Fifty-three days, bitches!

5. Count your blessings weather-wise -- This Floridian counts a whopping zero inches of snow outside his window.

6. Come up with a list of things to do while everyone else is pretty much at Slamdance too -- Slamdance has brought its fair share of surprises, such as the seemingly beneath-Sundance likes of Dear Zachary..., so here's to hoping that one of our number, or really just anyone at any site, will bring good news or bad news or any news from this concurrent fest. Here's the line-up for those curious and/or able to bend time (and/or) space to their will in an effort to attend.

7. Go out and see a (damn) good movie -- While Kevin James Falls Down, Goes Boom has made a mint over the weekend, chances are that The Wrestler and/or Doubt and/or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and/or Slumdog Millionaire are still or just now playing in your neck of the woods (sorry if they're not, that's out of my hands). There's even Revolutionary Road to consider, though my own jury is still somewhat out on the film. These may not have played Sundance, but if when Hotel for Dogs sells out, you'll know where to turn. After all, Oscar nod water cooler talk officially kicks off at the end of this week.

Join us next week for the follow-up post, the Cinematical Seven Movies That Made The Rest of Us Envious While Everyone Else Was At Sundance.