I find it slightly ironic to note that, at the beginning of this year's Sundance Film Festival, there was much Twitter-chatter and shuttle-talk about how the event was on the downswing this year. It's all the fault of the economic recession, everyone said, and it sure seemed like Sundance was markedly less packed with buyers, sellers, critics, ticket-holders, publicists, producers, reps, and producer's reps. But here's the punchline: As far as flicks are concerned, the 2009 Sundance Film Festival had a surprisingly strong batting average. (I only saw TWO films I actively disliked, and that's not bad!)

So as a way to wrap up this year's festivities, we'd like to put all our Sundance coverage into one handy post. This post, actually. So if you're worried that you missed any live reports or some of the brilliantly insightful film reviews, this is the post for you. As always, we welcome any and all feedback from our readers, so long as the abuse is kept to a minimum. (Seriously though, we want to know what you guys think. Without y'all, we got nothin'.) On a personal note, I'd like to thank Erik Davis, James Rocchi, and Eric Snider for being three of the finest collaborators I've ever had. Sundance can be a hectic clusterhump at the best of times, but working on a team like this makes my life so much easier. Plus they're my friends. for which I am very grateful. Anyway, enough heterosexual-man-love...

The Reviews

  1. 500 Days of Summer (Fox Searchlight)
  2. Adam (Fox Searchlight)
  3. Adventureland (Miramax)
  4. Art & Copy (Arthouse)
  5. Big Fan
  6. Black Dynamite (Sony)
  7. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
  8. Bronson
  9. The Carter
  10. Cold Souls
  11. The Cove
  12. Dead Snow (IFC)
  13. An Education (Sony Pictures Classics)
  14. Five Minutes of Heaven
  15. The Girlfriend Experience
  16. Good Hair (HBO)
  17. Grace (Anchor Bay)
  18. Humpday (Magnolia)
  19. In the Loop (IFC)
  20. The Informers
  21. Mary and Max
  22. The Missing Person
  23. Moon (Sony Pictures Classics)
  24. Mystery Team
  25. Paper Heart
  26. Peter and Vandy
  27. Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire
  28. The September Issue
  29. Sin Nombre (Focus)
  30. We Live in Public
  31. When You're Strange
  32. World's Greatest Dad

(Note: I added the owners for movies that are presently ... owned by a U.S. distributor.)
strong>The Live Reports

Sundance in Pictures

Award Winners!
Film Critic Fist Fight
Zooey Deschanel Breaks My Heart ... Again
Killer Trees, Nazi Zombies, and Brandon T. Jackson
Anarchy in the UT!
Steal Someone Else's Lines, Stu VanAirsdale!
A Trip to the 'Moon' and Fainting at 'Grace'
The Storm Before the Blogger Storm
Our Coverage Begins!

Daily Recaps
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Interviews (Thanks, James!)

Patton Oswalt of Big Fan
Robert Siegel of Big Fan
John Krasinski of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
Antoine Fuqua of Brooklyn's Finest
Paul Giamatti of Cold Souls
Kevin Spacey of Shrink (and Moon)
Ondi Timoner and Josh Harris of We Live in Public
Robert Siegel of Big Fan

Will Goss!
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Cinematical 7: Movies That Made the Rest of Us Envious That Everyone Else Was at Sundance
Cinematical 7: Things the Rest of Us Can Do While Everyone Else Is at Sundance