If you've been following my obsessive train of thought, you may have noticed I have been watching a lot of Clint Eastwood lately. I discovered this little gem sometime around Christmas while searching for something completely unrelated to him -- and I'm finally breaking down and posting it.

This is a segment from 1966 Italian arthouse film The Witches (Le Streghe), which was essentially a comeback showcase for Silvana Margano. It was barely distributed, and pretty much shelved, but occasionally pops up on television or at late night screenings. This segment features a baby-faced Clint Eastwood as the thing he would never play again -- a mild-mannered nerd getting his ass kicked by Batman. Just that part of the YouTube description was enough to make me watch it. Eastwood is bizarrely cute in it (keep your eyes out for the blink and you miss it moment of "nudity"), which leads me to a "What if?" scenario... His early comedic attempts were either shelved or bombed (I will forever champion Two Mules for Sister Sara), and it wasn't until he teamed up with an orangutan that anyone was willing to laugh along with him. If audiences had been a little more accepting of his comedic attempts, what intriguing directions might his career have gone? It's a worthy discussion, particularly since Gran Torino is being touted as his last role. It seems like he should have gotten to do a Tropic Thunder at least once, you know? If someone writes it, maybe it can still happen -- here's the proof he'll strip to flesh colored underwear for a laugh.

Anyway, watch this if only to hear what Eastwood's voice once sounded like. There was a time he didn't growl or rasp at people onscreen -- and that time was the 60s. Part 2 is embedded below the jump.