The main item on our agenda today is a bite-sized Thor update. Marvel's editor Joe Quesada and Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis held a very public conversation via Twitter yesterday which revealed they had been chatting with Kenneth Branagh about Thor. Twittered Quesada: "Okay, three words describe my day today: 'Branagh gets it!' ... Sweet is when [Branagh] starts quoting continuity and past storylines. The man has immersed himself in Marvel." Bendis remained pretty silent on the topic, but the idea that he's involved with Thor's movie is really promising.

The excited-to-be-cast Brandon Routh told Collider that Edgar Wright will be making Scott Pilgrim Vs the World a mix of animation and live action. "It's a really interesting movie, people are gonna be shocked by this. It's a great mix of real time, real people and some drawn animation. [There are] some really cool things that [Wright] is doing with it. It's going to look awesome."

To celebrate the Ghostbusters 25th anniversary, Mattel is releasing a full line of 12-inch Ghostbuster figures, complete with equipment -- and this time around, you'll actually get a Peter Venkman that looks like Bill Murray! Prototypes will be at the New York ComicCon, so if you're going, keep your eyes peeled for them. There will also be a set of 6-inch figures that will debut at San Diego ComicCon -- and this set is supposed to come with ghosts to actually bust.

Three new international posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have arrived online, courtesy of and MSN. We've added all three to the gallery below; the one with the close-up of Harry's glasses is definitely one of the better posters we've seen so far this year. What do you think?

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David Nutter is set to direct a big-screen adaptation of Freemind, the Future Comics series by Bob Layton, David Michelinie, and Dick Giordano. The series followed McKinsey Flint, a man who suffers from a degenerative disease that confines him to a wheelchair. He decides to build himself a new android body, only to discover that it gives him superpowers -- powers which he doesn't want. If this sounds a little reminiscent of Tony Stark, that's probably because both Layton and Michelinie were responsible for his famous Demon in a Bottle story arc. Unfortunately, Future Comics is now defunct, so I can't dig up a preview for you -- but clearly, superheroes tormented by inner demons are the new trend. [MTV Splash Page]

Lastly (and a bit late, but only because I was finally able to watch and embed it) comes the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game preview. I normally don't pay attention to game previews because I don't have the systems to play them on -- but this was Wolverine, so I had to. It offers up a bit of plot, which might leave you with some lingering questions as to how this movie is going to tackle the rivalry of Sabretooth and Wolverine.