Pictured: On the floor at NYCC (courtesy of Getty Images)

It's not quite as massive as San Diego Comic Con, but New York Comic Con is definitely its own animal, and the convention took over Manhattan this weekend with its comics, costumes and characters. For your convenience, here's a brief roundup of all the movie-related stuff at this year's NYCC:


  • McG did not deny nor confirm that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton would play a part in the new Terminator film, teasing "Perhaps by not answering your question, there's a small answer within." He also noted that since the T800 plays a big role in the film, they're trying to use visual effects to include Arnold in some capacity. On the Christian Bale tirade, McG joked: "You only got to hear the most explosive parts, but that remix is pretty hot." [More at Coming Soon]
  • io9 reports that at the Radical Studios panel, Barry Levine said that Joseph Kosinski will return to San Diego Comic Con with a full trailer for the Tron sequel. [io9]

  • Watchmen's Dave Gibbons addressed questions about the film's altered ending (""The outcome is exactly the same as the graphic novel, but the MacGuffin, the gimmick, is a little different."), and whether or not he thinks a prequel or sequel is a smart idea ("If you try to add anything to Watchmen, you're not enriching it, you're diluting it. Sure, you can tell another adventure of Batman or Spider-Man, but ("Watchmen") is like a complete story ... leave well enough alone.") [More at Coming Soon]
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  • Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada spoke to MTV about a recent meeting with Thor director Kenneth Branagh: "We spent seven or eight hours with Kenneth where he meticulously took us through the beats of the 'Thor' movie along with [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige and our friends at Marvel West. We just sat there, and it was almost like acted out the entire movie. You just thought, 'Wow. This guy has immersed himself in the Marvel culture - not just in Thor - but in the Marvel universe in general. He knew a lot of stuff - some things that I didn't even know."

  • Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley shot down recent rumors (started by Brandon Routh) that the big-screen version (directed by Edgar Wright) will be half live action, half animation. He told MTV, "I think what [Routh] said was kind of blown out of proportion by the rumor mill. It's not going to be like half the thing is hand-animated, like they're saying on the Internet lately." He added that it will be "more about special effects and incorporating some hand-drawn doodling and stuff."

New Footage
  • Watchmen: The first 18 minutes of Watchmen was screened, which includes the Comedian's death, opening credit sequence set to Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin, and Rorschach showing up to investigate Comedian's murder. Additionally, they screened the scene where Rorschach, while in prison on line waiting for food, beats up a guy who's hassling him. That particular scene ends with the famous line, "I'm not locked in here with you... you're locked in here with me!" [Read a larger description of these scenes at Coming Soon]
  • Terminator Salvation: McG was on hand to show a sort of five-to-six-minute sizzle reel for the next Terminator movie, which introduced the central plot that, in the future, machines are taking human prisoners in order to use their stem cells and DNA to create the T800 (the robot played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). [Check out a detailed recap on this footage over at IGN]
  • Friday the 13th: Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form screened the trailer and the first five minutes of the film, including four kills from that guy in the hockey mask.

  • Astro Boy: Summit Entertainment brought new images and footage from the much-anticipated Astro Boy, and aside from debuting four brand new stills (see one above), IGN also has a rundown on the footage screened: "The scene showed Astro Boy's first attempts at mastering his rocket boots as he sputtered all over Metro City, barely avoiding colliding with monorails but faring less well with buildings." Also head to IGN for descriptions of the previews for two other Summit films: Knowing and The Hurt Locker.

  • Pixar's Up: The first 45 minutes of Up screened for a packed crowd at NYCC. But before that happened, Cinematical got a sneak peek -- check out our report over here.
  • The Surrogates - Disney brought the new trailer for The Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis. Slashfilm says, "At this point, the trailer does little to sell the film as anything unique. While the core concept is new, it also looks like yet another Bruce Willis cop film, and a particularly cheesy one at that."
  • Yattaman: "The attendees of NYCC this weekend were lucky enough to screen the -- quite frankly -- tripped out and amazing opening sequence of director Takashi Miike's new giant-robot movie Yattaman," says IGN. Check out a full report over there.