So far, much of the Iron Man 2 news has been frustrating -- but here's a bit of sunshine for you. NPR did an interview with production designer J. Michael Riva, who had just gotten the first script. Apparently, right on the first page is: Tony, in the Iron Man armor, pukes in a toilet. "I design a toilet," says Riva. "My big job for the day. After that I can go home. My kids ask me, 'What'd you do today, Dad?' I designed a toilet!'" Maybe Tony has motion sickness, maybe he has the flu ... or maybe it's Demon in a Bottle. [via CHUD]

Many were left a bit disappointed by the three X-Men Origins: Wolverine spots that aired on Fox last weekend, but that's nothing compared to the berserker rage that's centering on Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Film School Rejects became alarmed at images of Deadpool's action figure. While it's not surprising that Deadpool is lacking his distinctive costume in his initial appearance (we've all theorized that his disfiguration happens in this film if they are going to do a Deadpool spinoff), it looks like they've revamped the character. Instead of his hamburger face, he may be sporting some kind of weird tattoo, body paint, or ritual scarring instead. The Deadpool Bugle has high res photos of the figure and the packaging for you to make your own assessment.

In the "But why now?" category of news comes talk of a Battlestar Galactica movie -- a flick based not on the current, critically acclaimed series, but on the 1978 version. IGN claims Glen A. Larson is being lined up to script and produce it. This seems so crazy and lame as that it's probably true.

Everyone is selling a piece of Watchmen, which is undoubtedly making Alan Moore spit venom, but at least one tie-in is useful and for a good cause: Nite Owl Dark Roast coffee. It's the very stuff dispensed by the Owl Ship and is limited to 10,000 cans. It's organic, free trade, and part of the proceeds go to charity. I'm trying to resist (I'd want to drink it, and would thus ruin my collectible), but I may not hold out.

For the most part, I'm trying to steer clear of the Watchmen marketing and news (it's been a year of this, I want to see the film, not post pictures and interviews) but this homage to the 1985 MTV countdowns is impossible to resist. This came via The New Frontiersman: