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-- I now hand you over to Sir William of Goss, for my cat is very hungry and I need to kick back for the big awards. As always, thanks for hanging at Cinematical for all your movie geekery.

10:28 -- Mr. Smith sticks around to give out Best Sound Editing (The Dark Knight) and Best Sound Mixing (Slumdog Millionaire).

10:27 -- Will Smith to dole out the Best Visual Effects award: Benjamin Button. I guess anyone who can make Brad Pitt can look ugly deserves an Oscar.

-- Action montage woulda been a lot cooler with the movies' noises instead of a lame rock song.

10:22 -- When Tom Cruise is being serious, he's dull. When he's being funny, he's pretty great. Who's with me? (This is in reference to the Tom Cruise / Jimmy Kimmel ad.) And now ... an action montage! Where's my volume button?

-- Pre-commercial female voice promises a 2008 Action Movie Montage! But first ... commercials!

-- Maher stays close by and gives the Best Documentary Short to Smile Pinki.


Oscars 2009 Nominees

10:16 -- James Marsh's Man on Wire wins Best Documentary. Even the secretaries in your office pool got that one right.

10:14 -- Bill Maher as a presenter? Star of Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death? Oh yeah, he directed produced a documentary recently.

10:12 -- Montage with documentary filmmakers. Guess we know what award's next.

10:09 -- I freaking DARE the orchestra to "play" Ledger's family off the stage.

10:07 -- Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

-- There's something eerily apt about Christoper Walken talking to and about Michael Shannon. No?

10:04 -- Christopher Walken, Kevin Kline, Cuba Gooding Jr., Alan Arkin and Joel Grey to do the honors. Man, any other year I'd be SO pulling for the comedy guy. But clearly it's Ledger's posthumous moment. As such, I'll forgo all snark for the next two minutes. And no, the winner hasn't been announced yet, I'm just that confident.

-- Looks like we're revving up for Best Supporting Actor. Get those Kleenex ready.

9:59 -- More commercials. Finally. FINALLY, someone found a way to put Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in the same movie.

9:58 -- "The musical is back!" Yeah, unless you guys just KILLED IT AGAIN.

9:57 -- Now I know why nobody live-blogs the Tony Awards.

9:55 -- Random musical number for no good reason. I think that's Beyonce on the stage. Also, I just earned babysitting pay because Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Amanda Seyfried are on stage too. Also, Wolverine sure has a purty voice.

9:52 -- Oh good. Someone gave Nathan Fillion a new series. Looks like Moonlighting. Please let it be a hit, even if it sucks.

9:50 -- Yeah, that commercial is right! I have a TON of pennies I'm not using!

9:49 -- It's worth noting that I've made every prediction accurately, save for the animated short. Worth noting only to me and maybe my mother, but worth noting all the same. Also: More commercials.

9:46 -- The same fellows are on hand to give the award for Best Live Action Short Film. The winner is: Toyland! (Way to mangle the winner's name and then chuckle about it, stoners!)

9:43 -- Rogen and Franco deliver a funny skit about two stoners watching movies. Ha! Their ABBA tune is solid gold. Janusz Kaminksi! "They made me do it, Mr. Spielberg!" Ha!

9:41 -- The ad for The Soloist reminds me that once an actor wins an Oscar, he loathes subtlety for the rest of his life. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Jamie Foxx.

9:39 -- Why would Jessica Biel wear anything that doesn't accentuate her bosoms? The flawlessly beautiful young woman is here to give the annual speech on Scientific and Technical awards. Wait ... another commercial? I'm being robbed. Someone tell Goss I'm going until 10:40.

9:37 -- Two commercial breaks already? Hmph. I feel bad for the Cinematical readers who are being robbed of the brilliant wit of ... me. In related news, I loathe commercials. Yes, even more than you do.

9:32 -- Natalie Portman and an amusingly bearded Ben Stiller are here to dole out the Cinematography award. Too much goofy schtick finally leads to the award: Anthony Dod Mantle for Slumdog Millionaire! Yay!

9:25 -- Hi. I'm not on yet. Just getting my finger limber. Gosh, Amada Seyfried is sooooo pretty.
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