The 2009 Academy Awards are over and done with, and now it's time to talk trash about EVERYONE! Was it a good year? Did Hugh Jackman succeed as host? How did they make out on length -- did you fall asleep? What was up with those weird line-up presentations? And who got more camera time -- Angelina Jolie or Miley Cyrus? We break down the best and worst moments of this year's Oscar ceremony below -- then feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

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The Best
  • Slumdog Millionaire was ON FIRE!
  • Danny Boyle is this year's Best Director ... and that's pretty damn awesome.
  • Shocker of the Night: Sean Penn wins Best Actor for Milk. (And who said the Academy hated him?)
  • The thirties-inspired set was fancy but intimate, and the recession-inspired opening song-and-dance number from Hugh Jackman was light, refreshing and entertaining.
  • Hugh Jackman delivering his jokes like a bad Atlantic City lounge singer, but absolutely hysterical nonetheless.
  • Penelope Cruz's ever-since-I-was-a-little-girl speech for her Best Supporting Actress win was just darling, whaddya say?
  • Steve Martin and Tina Fey partnering to introduce Best Original Screenplay proved they need to do a movie together, like, yesterday.
  • Most unique 'thank you' goes to Andrew Stanton for thanking his high school drama teacher for casting him in Hello Dolly.

The Worst
  • The 'Thank You' montage(s) ... because we didn't hear enough of those two words in the three-plus hour telecast.
  • The all-female line-ups introducing the nominees for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress went on way too long and felt a bit Vagina Monologue-ish ...
  • So it would appear that "leaked" Oscar winners list was, indeed, false. Sorry Amy Adams ...
  • Was Milk really the Best Original Screenplay?
  • Robert Pattinson didn't take his shirt off while presenting a romance montage? What gives?
  • Ben Stiller channeling Joaquin Phoenix in full beard with a touch of boredom was great if a little soooo last week.
  • Jessica Biel lost a lot of people with the sci-tech speech, and those she didn't lose were probably wondering who Jessica Biel was.
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  • Jack Black's Oscar bet: To do one Dreamworks animated film, then take all the money he made to the Oscars to bet on whatever Pixar has in the running. Best part was he says this right before Wall-E won the Best Animated Film Oscar.
  • Jazz quietly playing in the background while folks presented nominees.
  • The Judd Apatow short film would've been so much better if Seth Rogen and James Franco (in full Pineapple Express gear) were actually taking Phelps-inspired bong hits during the piece. That said, the Janusz Kaminksi cameo was classic.

  • Hugh Jackman and Beyonce and Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seyfried ... singing showtunes! I'd say that was the best part of the night.
  • Holy crap -- Heath Ledger's father looks exactly like Alan Arkin ... and vice versa. That said, the Heath Ledger moment we all knew was coming turned out to be a sweet, somber speech from his Aussie family.
  • The decision to have actual filmmakers direct a few short films (Judd Apatow, among others) and an outstanding musical number (Baz Luhrmann) definitely paid off.

  • Wonders if those fan made YouTube end-of-year genre montages inspired the actual genre montages at this year's awards ceremony.
  • Thank God for Kate Winslet giving us the night's only "this just took my breath away" speech for her Best Actress win. And her Dad whistled! He whistled! Awww ...

  • Kinda dug Adrien Brody's "I just got out of the shower and threw on Serpico" look.

Oscars 2009 Nominees

Worst (continued)
  • Wait, was that line-up of past Best Supporting Actors a bit from boring Full Monty sequel or were they actually handing out an award? Why didn't Christopher Walken just present the whole thing.
  • Who else thought it was hilarious that Will Smith makes a whole action speech following an action montage and Ben Button (a non action film) won for Best Visual Effects.
  • Um, Will Smith -- the word is 'OUTSTANDING'!
  • Enjoyed the presentation of the Best Score award, but if you were about to fall asleep before, those soothing tunes did you in.
  • Not hearing Bruce Springsteen's song from The Wrestler among the nominees for Best Song.
  • It was embarrassing that Peter Gabriel wasn't there to sing his song -- not on Gabriel's part (because he didn't show on purpose), but on the Academy for not letting the guy sing his song. And then on top of all that -- he didn't win. Hmmm ... snubbed on purpose?
  • Strangest line of the night -- from the Best Foreign Language acceptance speech: "I am here ... for films!"
  • Reese Witherpoon's awkward blue dress looked like an 80s prom decoration.
  • Sophia Loren delivered her speech introducing Meryl Streep as if she were selling laundry detergent on the Home Shopping Channel at three in the morning.
  • So Mickey Rourke not winning Best Actor means he's not getting Best Actor money for Iron Man 2.
  • Oy, why does it feel like Spielberg gives out the Best Picture award every year?
  • Finally, the first looks at 2009 films during the credits was cool, but should've been promoted more throughout.

Okay, your turn: Favorite and least favorite moments ...
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