Looks like it's time for me to brush up on my French. The first trailer for the Coco Chanel biopic, Coco, Avant Chanel (or Coco, Before Chanel) has just hit the web, but the bad news is: the trailer is in French. But even if you don't speak French, you aren't missing too much; between my high school French and the helpful folks at Popwatch, I can tell you that there is talk of destiny, love, and a little pouting, but, c'mon, this is a movie about Chanel; isn't it all about the clothes anyway?

Audrey Tautou stars as the fashion icon (and say what you want, the lady certainly has that Coco 'ennui' down pat in the poster), and the film was loosely based on Edmonde Charles-Roux's book, L'Irrégulière: Ou, Mon Itinéraire Chanel. The book was adapted for the screen by Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons) and Anne Fontaine (who also directs). Joining in on all that fabulousness are Alessandro Nivola as Arthur "Boy" Capel and Benoît Poelvoorde as one of Chanel's lovers, Balsan. Nivola is an American born actor who had to learn French to play the dashing polo player who was said to have inspired Chanel's 'menswear look'.

Watch the trailer after the jump... It has been almost a year since anyone has heard a peep from those other Chanel projects from William Friedkin, Daniele Thompson, and Demi Moore; which is kind of a shame in Friedkin's case, as his idea of a story about the romance between the designer and Igor Stravinsky probably had the most legs. But even though foreign-language films don't always have the best luck in finding North American audiences, I still have a feeling this flick will be required viewing for any Fashionistas worth their salt.

Coco, Avant Chanel is scheduled for release in France on April 22nd, and is expected stateside later this year.

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