Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
Man, I love that title. I haven't read the kids' book that this is based on but the trailer has tons of charm. Flint Lockwood has always dreamed of being an inventor and now it looks like his latest contraption will solve world hunger as he's got food literally falling from the sky. Not just the titular meatballs, but spaghetti, cheeseburgers and a house made of jello that I thought was particularly cool. The storm clouds start gathering on September 18.

The Cake Eaters
This film concerns the interactions between two families in a small town in upstate New York. The trailer focuses on a budding romance between a guy who works in the school cafeteria and a girl with degenerative neurological disorder, but judging from Erik's review of the film the story covers a lot more. Looks like a worthwhile little drama. It's bypassing theatrical release and arriving on DVD on March 24.

Crank 2
The movie's U.K. site has added a new red band trailer for this action sequel and there's so much packed into the thing I have to wonder if there's anything left for the movie. Jason Statham's heart has been stolen, and I don't mean in a romantic way. The artificial heart he has been left with requires periodic jolts of electricity and, well, it gets a little wacky from there. This will be in U.S. theaters on April 17.
a href="" style="font-weight: bold;">Sorority Row
Appears to be a cookie cutter slasher movie combining I Know What You Did Last Summer with a public domain staple from 1977 Called Sisters of Death. A sorority sister dies during a prank and her body is dumped to protect those involved. Graduation time hits and someone starts picking off those who were involved. Not my cup of tea, but if you're interested you can see this one on October 2.

The Year One
After Tropic Thunder and Be Kind Rewind, I find my tolerance for Jack Black is waning. Still I found myself laughing during this epic historical comedy, though that may have more to do with Michael Cera. The two play hunter/gatherers who are banished from their tribe and set out on an epic adventure. This will be in theaters on June 19.

FAQ About Time Travel
One of the reviews quoted in the trailer describes this British science fiction comedy as Dr. Who meets Shaun of the Dead, which was certainly enough to get my attention. Three English nerds get caught up in a time travel adventure while tossing back pints in a pub and Anna Faris is the hot chick from the future who sets it all in motion. No U.S. release dates yet, but I think this could be a lot of fun.

In the Loop
The trailer for this British political comedy is so fast paced it will make your head spin. A British Minister is sent to the U.S. on a fact finding mission, though apparently it's just to get him out of the Prime Minister's hair. James Gandolfini looks like he's having fun playing a U.S. Army general. This one gets a limited release on July 17.

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