Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
It seems like forever ago since the teaser for this one hit, and at long last we've got a new full-length trailer for the animated comedy sequel. All of our prehistoric friends are returning and this time they've discovered a subterranean world populated by dinosaurs. Anachronisms aside, this looks to be a lot of fun and the movie hits theaters on July 1.

Astro Boy
OK, if you're going to build a high tech robot boy why would you give him a permanent cowlick? I hadn't been giving much thought to this new CGI version of the classic anime, but this new trailer got my attention. The action and design look awesome, and this one is out on October 23.

Where the Wild Things Are
Judging by the high level of anticipation for Spike Jonze's Wild Things adaptation, I must be the only person in the U.S. who's never read Maurice Sendak's classic book. That said, I really like the creature costumes, even if they do give me H.R. Pufinstuff flashbacks. Wild things will be everywhere on October 16.

Blood: The Last Vampire

It's kind of hard to tell what's going on here, but it looks cool as hell. This film is based on an anime feature and there are vampires and lots of samurai sword fights. Feels kind of like a more stylish take on Blade. No U.S. release date just yet.

Taking Woodstock
Ang Lee directs this comedy which stars Demetri Martin as the man who in 1969 offers the use of his parent's motel to the organizers of the Woodstock music festival. Eugene Levy also stars as Max Yasgur, owner of the nearby farm that hosts the festival. You should start avoiding the brown acid on August 14.

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