"I was hired by gamblers in New York to collect money from people." -- Mickey Rourke

With the unemployment rate swelling, plenty of people are facing the prospect of taking on any job they can get their hands on. In these tough times, even movie stars like Glenn Close and Mickey Rourke have tales to tell of wince-worthy work.

See some of the worst jobs stars have ever had.


Celebrities Worst Jobs

    Glenn Close
    'Evening,''Fatal Attraction'

    "The hardest job I ever had was when I worked in a bar while I was in college. I wasn't a very good cocktail waitress. I couldn't tell the difference between vodka or gin or anything. Worst of all, people would have too much to drink and would start getting messy and I would be concerned for them. The climate was very different then; it was before there were drunk driving laws, I guess, but sometimes I would go to the supervisor and ask if I could stop serving a customer I was worried about and never got any help. He was just plain mean."

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    Mickey Rourke
    'The Wrestler'

    "As a young man I was hired by gamblers in New York to collect money from people. They had me go to this one guy who was a hunchback, an elevator operator, to rough him up, and I realized the job wasn't for me."

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    Kristen Bell
    'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

    "I worked at a yogurt stand, which was also one of the best jobs. It was so much fun because a lot of 16-year-olds worked there, and we just hung out together in the back. It was such a lax job. But it was worst because of all of the fruit flies that would get into the yogurt. We'd try to clean them out as much as possible, but I know I served a hell of a lot of fruit fly-ridden yogurt to people and I really regret that."

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    Melissa Leo
    'Frozen River'

    "I had a great job that led to the very worst job I ever had. I worked with the Bread and Puppet Theater, dancing on stilts to Dixieland jazz band music on the streets of New York City. The man who started the theater, Peter Schumann, put a lot of political messages into the shows, and after performances everyone would break bread together. It was really wonderful. Because of that, I got hired to dance on stilts at bar mitzvahs and weddings -- and THAT was the worst job."

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    Dougray Scott
    'Ever After'

    "Working at a warehouse in Scotland when I was 17. It was literally back-breaking work, loading pallets and crates. Flour, sugar and rice were the worst. Like most other people who work at those places, I threw my back out."

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    Kimberly Elise
    'The Great Debaters,''Diary of a Mad Black Woman'

    "I did telemarketing for like three days, inside a little cubicle and it was awful, just awful. Inside this sterile room, I had to make calls to rural areas, and I remember one boy telling me, "My dad is out on the tractor." And then he went, "Daaaaaaad!" and it took like 10 minutes for the guy to get the phone. People didn't want to come to the phone, and then when they got there, that person asking some stupid question was me."

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    Camilla Belle
    'Push,''10,000 B.C.'

    "Luckily, knock on wood, I never had a really bad experience, a really bad job. There have been bad days, but everyone has that."

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    Gary Sinise
    'Forrest Gump,''Apollo 13'

    "I was a landscaper at an outdoor amphitheater, and I didn't want to rake any more leaves or cut any more grass at this huge, huge place. It was nonstop maintenance all the time, and I didn't get along with my boss very well. I also worked on the loading dock of Neiman Marcus as a shipping clerk. And I was the bass player for a summer theater company that had this truck they toured around with to do outdoor performances. But they had to stay alive in the winter time, too, so we'd perform at schools. I lived about 30 miles north of Chicago, so I had to catch a 6 a.m. train to the schools by 8 a.m. -- and when it was freezing cold, carrying my bass was not fun. Ha! Yes, when I was a kid I had to walk 10 miles through the snow carrying a bass."

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    Julie Benz
    'Saw V'

    "I had two, actually. I was a perfume sprayer at a department store. I lasted about 12 hours on that one. I felt so bad spraying people, I said, 'I just can't do this.' And the other one was working at a Ben and Jerry's ice cream store in New York. The problem with that one was I kept eating ice cream every night and gained weight."

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    Joe Mantegna
    'The Simpsons Movie,''The Godfather Part III'

    "I had a paper route for the Chicago Sun-Times as a kid and it was awful. I'd be in the back of the trunk and the driver would drive as fast as he could so that I could beat the other newspaper boy -- for the Tribune -- to the newsstand. Then we'd go barreling through the streets and I'd jump off the truck, grab a bundle of the next edition of the paper, jump back on the truck and we'd go racing to cover the town again. I did that for a summer. It taught me to stay in school and get an education!"

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