If you're on Twitter, you need to follow Jon Favreau. He's generally up late, he posts photos of his house, and he spills Iron Man 2 tidbits like they were nothing. The latest was that the cast and crew has arrived in L.A., and Iron Man 2 will begin shooting on Monday. It's going to be a crazy year.

Meanwhile, it was a bad day for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. You may have heard that the entire film leaked onto the Internet, which has pretty much ruined Fox's day. The sad part? No one believed it. Everyone thought it was an April Fool's joke! Incidentally, if you're curious as to how this can happen, check out Devin Faraci's expose on the lax security that surrounds a finished film.

And before you ask ... no, I didn't get a copy. I'm going to be a good girl and just wait until May 1st for a screen big enough to contain Hugh Jackman's muscles. Speaking of those muscles, a bunch of hi-res photos hit the net this week from X-Men Films, and I've only just now had an excuse to post them. I think we're just getting variations on a theme now ... how about one of Logan in his Canadian tuxedo, Fox? (And please, if you watched the leak, don't spoil the film for fans in our comments section. Thanks.)

The news that Ron Howard would be directing Image Comics' The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft caused a bit of a stir last week, enough that its authors Mac Carter and Adam Byrne were compelled to defend him to the MTV Splash Page. Says Byrne: "Ron Howard is a great dramatic director. He cares about making the audience connect with the characters. "Frost/Nixon," "Cinderella Man," etc, are great indications that Ron can nail a time and a place and ground you in a character's universe. That's key for introducing Lovecraft's biography. If you don't care about him as a person, you're not likely to care about the horror unfolding around him." They also have a preview of the comic up if you're interested.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting (per DreamWorks and DiCaprio's rep) that Leonardo DiCaprio is not attached to DreamWorks' adaptation of Button Man. He is, however, attached to everything else in production at this time.

And because it's April Fool's Day, let's look in on poor Ben Affleck. He still bears the scars of being Daredevil. So much so that he will never appear in another superhero / comic book movie. "No, I would not do another. I was cured of that. "One of the things about doing [a superhero movie] is that ... No, that is not something I would want to do." Poor, poor Affleck. [MTV Splash Page]
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